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October 17

1817 Birth at Dehli.

1828 Death of Khwaja Fariduddin, maternal grandfather.

1837 Sayyid-ul-Akhbar started by Sayyid Muhammad Khan.

1838 Death of his father, Sayyid Muhammad Muttaqi.


1839 Appointed Naib Munshi at Agra.

December 24

1841 Appointed Munsif at Mainpuri.

January 10

1842 Transferred from Mainpuri to Fatehpur Sikri.
1842 Received the title of Jawad-ud-Daula Arif Jung from the Mughal court.
1842 Completed Jila-ul-Qulub bi Zikr il Mahbub.
1844 Completed Tuhfa-i-Hasan and Tashil fi jar-i-Saqil.
1845 Death of Sayyid Muhammad Khan, his brother.
1847 First edition of Asar-us-Sanadid appeared.
1849 Completed Kalamat-ul-Haqq.
1850 Completed Risala Sunnat dar radi bid'at.
1852 Completed Namiqa dar bayan masala tasawwur-i-Shaikh and Silsilat ul-Mulk.
1854 Second edition of Asar-us-Sanadid.

January 13

1855 Appointed permanent Sadr Amin at Bijnor.
1855 Edited A'in-i-Akbari.

May 10

1857 Revolt breaks out.
1857 Death of his mother at Meerut.


1858 Appointed Sadr us Sadur, Moradabad.
1858 Published Tarikh Sarkashi-i-Zilla Bijnor.
1859 Nominated member of special commission for hearing appeals about confiscated property.
1859 Published Causes of the Indian Revolt.
1859 Established a madrasa at Moradabad.
1860 Published Loyal Muhammadans of India.
1860 Famine in N.W.Provinces and relief work by Sayyid Ahmad Khan.
1861 French translation of Asar-us-Sanadid by Garcin de Tassy.
1861 Death of his wife.

May 12

1862 Transferred to Ghazipur.
1862 Edited Tarikh-i-Feroz Shahi.
1863 Published a pamphlet on education.
1864 Laid the foundation of a madrasa at Ghazipur.
1864 Transferred to Aligarh.

July 4

1864 Elected Honorary Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain.

December 30

1865 Sends a memorandum to the Government about the intention of the Scientific
Society to publish books on agriculture.
1866 Aligarh Institute Gazette started.

August 1

1867 Sends a memorandum to the Viceroy for establishment of a vernacular university.

August 15

1867 Transferred to Benares.

September 25

1867 Started homeopathic dispensary and hospital at Benares.

April 1

1869 Leaves Benares for England.

August 6

1869 Receives the insignia of C.S.I.

September 4

1870 Left London for India.

October 2

1870 Reached Bombay.

December 24

1870 Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq started.

December 26

1870 Established the Committee for the Better Diffusion and Advancement of Learning among Muhammadans of India.


1873 Scheme for establishing a college presented.

May 24

1875 Inauguration of the college.

June 1

1875 Regular teaching starts at M.A.O. College.
1876 Retired from service.
1876 Starts writing commentary on the Quran.

January 8

1877 Lord Lytton's visit to Aligarh.
1878 Nominated member of the Viceroy's Legislative Council.
1882 Appears before the Education Commission.
1883 Founded Muhammadan Civil Service Fund Association.
1883 Established Muhammadan Association, Aligarh.
1886 Established Muhammadan Educational Conference.
1887 Nominated member of the Civil Service Commission by Lord Dufferin.


1888 Established Patriotic Association at Aligarh. 1888 Received K.C.S.I.
1889 Received the degree of LL.D. honoris causa from Edinburgh. Circulates the Trustee Bill.

March 27

1898 Death at Aligarh.


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