Office of Research, innovation and commercialization

Director Message

ORIC at Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology is part of the vital strategic priorities of the University. It started working in January 2016.

As an objective of ORIC, we are progressing forward with the aim of enhancing and linking SSUET research, innovation, and entrepreneurial capabilities directly with the educational, social, and economic priorities of the university and its broader community.

Our aim is not only confined to augment the research culture and capacity building in the university but also to help in building university-industry linkages, generating intellectual properties and innovative projects through research and commercialization, and promoting inter-disciplinary research environments. I am confident that, one day we will rise to these challenges and will accomplish leading success in whatever fields we are struggling for.

With best wishes,
Dr. Rabia Noor Enam

Director ORIC – Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Rabia Noor Iman
Dr. Rabia Noor Enam (Director ORIC)


National Idea Bank

NIB Collaboration with SSUET

National Idea Bank Pakistan is a collaboration between academia, government, Industry and Society to identify and showcase innovative ideas to solve indigenous problems.


The mission of ORIC is to create and manage entrepreneurship culture and to facilitate and enhance the university’s research programs by linking research and technology based innovation activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and to facilitate the commercialization of innovative ideas through the linkages of industry and academia.


ORIC will create an outstanding climate of support for the university students and faculty enabling an entrepreneurship culture and a continuous advancement process in research and technology transfers.

Organizational Structure

ORIC Team Members

Dr. Rabia Noor Iman

Dr. Rabia Noor Enam

Director ORIC

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aamir

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aamir

Additional Director Oric

Dr. M. Tahir Fattani

Dr. M. Tahir Fattani

Manager Innovation and Commercialization

Dr. Durre Jabeen

Dr. Durre Jabeen

Manager Research & Development

Engr. Rukaiya

Engr. Rukaiya

Manger Industrial Linkages

Engr. Muhammad Hasnain Raza

Engr. Muhammad Hasnain Raza

Manager BIC

Ms. Huma Anwar Ahmed

Manager Research Operation and Administration

Engr. Sania Tanveer

Engr. Sania Tanveer

Research Associate

Objectives of ORIC-SSUET

  • To Establish and Run an Innovation/Incubation center to promote and support different researcher/students/entrepreneur for the commercialization of their MVPs and to transform their technology-based business ideas to reality.

    To Create Partnerships with the research communities to build a culture of high achievements in research collaboration at both national and international level.

    To Avail research funding around the world for different research projects. To facilitate, encourage and promote researchers/PhD. scholars/faculty members of the university to compete nationally and internationally in the various calls of funding.

    To Conduct and Arrange workshops, seminars, competitions, symposiums and conferences for the university students and faculty members.

    To Engage and Motivate faculty members and students to increase their research publications at national and international scholarly forum. To strengthen research process, knowledge creation in the academic circle and increase the quality of research output. Also to encourage participation in multi-disciplinary research initiatives


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

IEEE Student Branch

For the first time IEEE student branch has been launched in SSUET in collaboration with ORIC.  Under this branch, IEEE Computer society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology society have also been opened in Computers and Biomedical Engineering departments. And 5 more societies are in process to be opened in Telecom, Electronics and Electrical Engg. Departments.A nation-wide IEEE Biomedical chapter has also opened from Sir Syed University platform. That is Pakistan chapter of IEEE-EMBS.Under these societies and chapters, around 50 IEEE members have already been made, including students and faculty members. These IEEE members are enthusiastic and are fully involved in planning multiple activities at SSUET


MoU with University of Malga

IEEE Student Barnch Innauguration

MoU with Karachi University

Associate Partnership ceremony of SSUET with MUET and University of Malaga

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