25th Convocation of Sir Syed University held with traditional zeal

March 29, 2022
(Above, R-L) Bashir Jan Muhammad, Chancellor Jawaid Anwar, (below, R-L) Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin and Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali addressing 25th Convocation of Sir Syed University.

25th Convocation of Sir Syed University held with traditional zeal

Accept challenges boldly – Bashir Jan Muhammad

Now universities need to link students to the industries and economy– Chancellor Jawaid Anwar

SSUET granted scholarships of more than Rs. 524 million to 26,940 students during 26 Years  – VC Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin

KARACHI, March 27, 2022 – Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), organized its 25th Convocation with traditional zeal that was attended by a large number of educationists, scholars, dignitaries including faculty and students. Renowned Businessman Bashir Jan Muhammad was the chief guest of the event. On this memorable occasion around more than 1100 degrees were awarded to the pass-outs of BS and MS programme. Position holders were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals for securing highest marks in the respective disciplines.

Addressing the convocation, the renowned businessman and social icon Bashir Jan Muhammad said, “We all live in a complex environment where knowledge and skills only matter. Job situation is unpredictable and highly competitive. My advice to graduates is to keep updating their knowledge base throughout their career and get themselves prepared to cope with emerging technologies and advancements taking place in various fields and accept challenges boldly.”

He said that the university management has long period of proven track of successful development, the will, determination, and potential to bring change in university according to the dynamics of the environment. University has capacity for change.

Speaking on the auspicious occasion, Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Jawaid Anwar said that the Convocation is culmination of your tireless efforts with feeling of accomplishment in life. It is glorious occasion to cherish. It is a moment to rejoice an important landmark that gives recognition to the efforts, support and sacrifices of your parents, guardians, whether in the form of devotion of time and energy for your studies or financing studies or accumulation of responsibilities in your journey in pursuit of education.

He pointed out that although the whole social and cultural structure has changed into a new mode of routine life due to Covid 19, yet Sir Syed University successfully endeavored not to let the situation affect the academic activities, maintaining quality performance in the crucial period of corona, and implemented fully integrated Campus Management System.

He said the concept of social reforms of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was based upon acquisition of modern scientific education. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is an outcome of this thought who made Pakistan unbeatable with the nuclear power. In recognition of his laudable services, Sir Syed University and AMUOBA is going to honour Dr Qadeer Khan with posthumous Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Peace Award that will be received by his widow.

He announced that Sir Syed University will establish Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Chair at the campus. In the next phase, Engr. Z. A. Nizami Chair and Engr. Muhammad Zakir Ali Khan Chair will also be established. Engr. Z. A. Nizami was the first Chancellor of Sir Syed University and President AMUOBA, while Engr. Muhammad Zakir Ali Khan was the General Secretary of AMUOBA.

He said that the Present era is of Block chain, Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. These technologies will not only provide employment to the students but it will also take them to entrepreneurship. Role of universities is not limited to awarding degrees to the students, but it is their duty to link them to the industries and economy. Sir Syed University turn out world class graduates able to compete in the market and cope field challenges. Our graduates have already stepped into job markets not only inside country but also in outside world.

Chancellor Jawaid Anwar said that the foundation stone of Jama Masjid Sir Syed has been laid at SSUET New Campus situated at 200 acres of land in Education City, to initiate the construction work at the New Campus. Tree plantation drive in collaboration with Forest Department is also in full swing there,

Appreciating the efforts made by the graduates for achieving the honour, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said that the innovation and emerging technologies together can open up new vistas of development and prosperity for Pakistan. Sir Syed University has always endeavored to be progressive, responsive to advancement in science, engineering and technology or business management. These days there is more focus on innovation and research. It is now necessary to figure out the new demands according to the global changes, and to update the students with new academic environment.

Presenting progress report of Sir Syed University, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said that Today convocation is awarding 1,043 Bachelor and 54 Master degrees to the passing out students. It is to be noted that during the last 26 years, the university has produced 23,211 undergraduates, 561 graduates and 7 postgraduate students.

He said that Sir Syed University as an important partner with Ministry of Information and established National Ideas Bank, inaugurated by the President Arif Alvi, to encourage all Pakistanis to innovate and develop new ideas. SSUET organized the Grand finale of NIB competition as National Host at Sir Syed Memorial Hall at Islamabad and President Arif Alvi was the Chief Guest of the event.

            Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program seeks to produce educated and skilled youth in latest technology capable for self-employment and small entrepreneurship so that they can become an earning hand for their families. Sir Syed University has successfully been selected for the 3rd batch and the number of applications received for Batch 3 were 28,000 and 74% of the students of batch1 and batch 2 got jobs also.

ORIC will be participating in this international expo “Pakistan Tech Expo” at Silicon Valley in May 2022 with 3 SSUET projects and 1 SME.

During the last 26 years, the University had granted scholarships of more than Rs. 524 million to 26,940 students. However, during the year under report, scholarships of Rs.39.6 million has been given to 1,075 students on merit and need basis.

            Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin underscored that Quality Enhancement Cell of the University has achieved a score of 89.34% by the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission for the last year. Moreover, SSUET is placed in the ‘W’ category which is the Highest category. 

Earlier, in his welcome address, Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali, said that higher education has now become a tool of economic growth.  Present day society needs technical skills besides education that plays an effective role in the technologically advance world. You need to update your knowledge throughout your career to cope with emerging technologies and advancements in different professional fields.

Convenor Centre for Guidance, Career Planning & Placement, Sirj Khilji and IT Expert Saqib Jawaid were honoured with Gold Medal for their valuable services in the field of Guidance Centre and Information Technology respectively.

Students were also honoured with gold, silver and bronze medals for their outstanding achievements in their academic career. Areeshah Fatima (Bio-medical Engineering), Saima Shaheen (Computer Engineering), Muhammad Anus, (Electronic Engineering), Mirza Tariq Sulaman Baig (Telecommunication Engineering), Muhammad Asad Ullah, (Electrical Engineering), Syed Muhammad Ahsan (Computer Science), Umair Ullah Khan (Software Engineering), Sidra Tahir (Bioinformatics), Hafiz Hamza Irshad Siddiqui (Information Technology), Muhammad Naeem (Civil Engineering), Hafsa Farhan (Architecture), Ayesha Salam (Bachelor of Business Administrator) received gold medals for securing 1st position.

Recipients of silver medals for securing second position included Bisma Sharmeen (Bio-medical Engineering), Syed Saud Bin Masood (Computer Engineering), Ariba Khalid, (Electronic Engineering), Sheroz Ali, (Telecommunication Engineering), Ayesha Tariq, (Electrical Engineering), Syed Muhammad Nabeel Ali (Computer Science), Samar Fatima (Software Engineering), Arsal Ur Rehman (Information Technology), Muhammad Shameer Qamar (Civil Engineering), Syed Sabeh Murtaza Zaidi (Architecture), Arhama Iftikhar Khan (Bachelor of Business Administrator), while Fizzah Abbas (Bio-medical Engineering), Muhammad Muzzammil (Computer Engineering), Syed Hassan Bin Hafeez, (Electronic Engineering), Muhammad Adil Ahsan, (Electrical Engineering), Neha Muqeem (Computer Science), Muhammad Shaheer Akber (Software Engineering), Muhammad Kashaan Siddiqui (Information Technology), Junaid Iqbal (Civil Engineering), Aqsa Mansoori (Architecture), Syeda Rukhsar Taj (Bachelor of Business Administrator) were awarded bronze medals for standing 3rd position.

In the end students of Sir Syed University presented Tarana e Aligarh with live music.