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The department of Mathematics, which is under the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, is one of the pioneer departments that started functioning when the University was established in 1994. The brief history of the Mathematics Department at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology is completely matched with other departments of Mathematics in Karachi not only in terms of facility but as well as in terms of faculty. The department has the honor of having some eminent scholars on its faculty. The research production of mathematics has been outstanding in the context of Pakistan. Its faculty members have been actively engaged in research and they have set some extra-ordinary trends in mathematical research in Pakistan.
The department is successfully running an MS program in Mathematics. Now the department is introducing BS program with three specializations viz. Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computational and Financial Mathematics, Statistical and Data Sciences. The specialization in Pure and Applied Mathematics gives a full understanding of the topics in Pure and Applied Mathematics preparing the students for teaching research and applying mathematics to all sciences. The specialization in Computational and Financial Mathematics emphasizes on Computation and Finance with foundational training in statistical and mathematical aspects. The specialization in Statistical and Data Sciences is also a dual purpose program which provides all fundamental training in statistical knowledge and its practice whereas, it introduces Data Sciences which is comparatively a newly growing field which is applicable to various areas of science and social sciences. It interacts with the survey, analysis and proper management of human resources and finances. It is also expected that in future this specialization could be establish as an individual curriculum in its own. The program comprises of eight semesters spread over four years with 134 credit hours of coursework and project/Dissertation.

Moon photographed by the Department of Mathematics, Sir Syed University with two different instruments

Moon picture captured by Mathematics Dept
Russian Lens MTO 1000 A 10,5/1100 mirror meniscus
Moon picture captured by Mathematics Dept
Celestron NexStar 4SE, 10.2 mm