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On the occasion of launching of an up-to-date web site of SSUET.
I am delighted to say that an up-to-date version of SSUET web site has been launched for providing detailed information about the University and its programs for the benefit of all stake-holders and public at large. Besides, the regular undergraduate, graduate & postgraduate programs and Continuous Education Programs, new initiatives like Campus on Cloud (CoC), ORIC, Guidance Centre and Quality Enhancement Cell have been added to get full picture about the organizational growth. SSUET is a forward looking organization and most of the information and data is unreservedly made public for common knowledge of people in order to take full advantage out of its free access.
I hope the students, researchers, R&D set-ups, faculty, staff, parents and other organizations will find it a very useful link and will make use of it freely.
It is said that the first impression is the last impression.  Therefore, website of any entity plays a significant role in creating the early impression about the organization when you visit its website even before physical contact or actual interaction with the organization and its people. Moreover, the information incorporated in the website should be in presentable, attractive and understandable form.
While designing the new SSUET website all these aspects have been adequately taken care of.
I congratulate the staff concerned for designing and launching the website for SSUET which was long overdue.

Prof. Dr. Talat Altaf
Dean, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FoECE)