BS in Software Engineering

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Software Engineering is the discipline of systematic production and maintenance of software systems that behave reliably and efficiently. Software Engineering not only involves the technical aspects of building software systems but also the collaboration between programming teams to align the software solutions with organizational strategies. The Software Engineering Program is offered by the Computer Engineering Department and is tailored to meet the growing demand of the software industry. The Program’s curriculum provides students with the ability to better analyze and design software systems through course offerings such as software requirements analyses, object-oriented communications, and the technology utilized to enhance the software engineering systems. It also focuses on the use of human-computer interaction to design effective user interfaces and on the software application areas such as graphics, web programming, and bioinformatics.

Software Engineering

Educational Objectives

The graduates of the BS Software Engineering program will have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to:

  1. Pursue a diverse range of careers or advanced degrees in software engineering and interdisciplinary areas.
  2. Contribute to society by engaging with the community at large, and by producing innovative and sustainable solutions to challenging problems.
  3. Work collaboratively and communicate effectively while upholding high ethical and professional standards.
  4. Engage in ongoing learning and professional development to adapt to continuously changing global economic and technological environments.