Facilities BSc EL T


Common Facilities


The University Library has a collection of 8048 books. The record of all books and that of the issuance of books to the teachers and the students is computerized. The library is growing fast, and the facilities are being added to it continuously.

Book Bank:
Textbooks are issued to all needy students for one semester from the Book Bank. The books should be returned to the Library Book Bank at the end of the semester.

Reference Books:
There are variety of Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesaurus, Directories, Atlases and Maps available in the library.

General Books:
Books on subjects other than engineering, like art, literature, religion, and history are available in the library.

Research Resource Centre:

This centre has been exclusively developed for the higher education purposes where all the information, material and resources are available to cater to the needs of researcher.

There are quite a good number of technical and international repute magazines and journals available in the Library

Students Common Room

Arrangements have been made to provide separate students’ common rooms for girls and boys.

Guidance Center & Career Planning

Guidance Center & Career Planning (GCCP), has been revitalized, relocated to a better place, and renamed as Guidance Center. Its functions and responsibilities include:

  • Guidance & Counseling
  • Internship Services
  • Placement services
  • Industrial Tours (Self and accompanied by faculty)
  • Organization of conferences & Open house sessions, seminars, workshops on youth related issues
  • Project collaboration
  • CV writing skills and interview appearance tips / self-preparation or with participation of faculty
  • Establish Parent University Relationship
  • Preparation and maintenance of Graduate
  • Directory of Passed out Students
  • Health Awareness / Environment
  • Coordination in Final year Project

Medical Facilities

The Medical Centre of SSUET is providing free medical and dental facilities to the students, staff and their families. The Medical Centre is situated within the University premises and is being run under the supervision of qualified and experienced medical doctors and paramedics. The two medical officers perform their duties in shifts from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The dental unit is being run by an expert “Dental Surgeon” & Dental Technician”. The Medical Centre is fully equipped to meet any emergencies. Facilities, to meet emergency, such as oxygen cylinders, wheelchair, stretcher and ambulance are available.

The other medical facilities available are:

  • Fully equipped ambulance service.
  • Well-equipped Pathological Laboratory supervised by Consultant Pathologist & qualified technician.
  • X-ray unit which has latest machinery and an expert technician.
  • Latest dental unit is functioning for the benefit of students, staff and their families. This unit is equipped with latest machinery.
  • Well trained E.C.G. Technician is also available to help the doctors to provide E.C.G. facilities.
  • Ultrasound facilities are provided by qualified ultrasound specialist.
  • Emergency treatment / medicines are provided free of cost under the provision.
  • The dental unit, pathological laboratory and x-ray unit are also facilitating the student of Biomedical Engineering Department with the practical demonstration.

All the medical facilities as stated above are provided free of cost to all students, staff and their families as per specified criteria, by the SSUET. The medical facilities are further being expanded to meet the challenges and requirements of future.


For Boys:

White dress shirt and grey pant with green tie having the University emblem. The Tie with proper emblem is supplied by the University free of cost. Black Dress Shoes Green Sweater or Coat in winter.

For Girls:
Plain white shirt and shalwar with green Dupatta with University emblem for attachment to the pocket (to be supplied by the University free of cost). Black Dress Shoes, Green Sweater or Coat in winter.


Canteen facilities are available in the premises. A separate canteen for Girls is also available in the University premises.