MS and Ph.D
Thesis / Reports

MS & Ph.D. Thesis of Passed out Students
Name of StudentSupervisorBatchRoll No.Thesis Title
List of Ph.D. students
Muhammad Ibrar ul HaqueDr. Tahir Qadri 20072007-PhDEE-001Design and Comparative Analysis of Image Quality Meters in Reduced Reference Mode
Amber IsrarProf. Dr. Bilal Alvi20092008-PhDEE-001Prediction based greedy routing strategies for wireless networks of moving objects
Ali Akber SiddiquiDr. Tahir Qadri 20152015-PhDEE-001Masking of Temporal Activity for Video Assessment
Rehan ShamsProf. Dr. Muhammad Aamir20152015-PhDEE-003Joint Localization and Time Synchronization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Rabia Noor EnamDr. Rehan Inam Qureshi20072007-PhDCE-002Energy Efficient Adaptive Data Aggregation in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Najma IsmatDr. Rehan Inam Qureshi20052005-PhDCE-001Improving Reliability in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Rizwan-ul-HasanProf. Dr. Najeeb Siddiqui 20072007-PhDCE-001Novel Algorithm for PAPR reduction in Multi-code CDMA
List of MS students
Rabia Noor EnamArif Obaid20002000-MSCE-006A Simulation Study of The Reverse Link Power Control in a CDMA Distributed Antenna System
Kashif HabibAleem Khalid Alvi20002000-MSCE-008Study of Differentiated Services on Linux
Arshad AzizNassar Ikram20002000-MSCE-016Hardware Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithm
Najma IsmatAzeem Siddiqui20002000-MSCE-026Effect of Node Mobility on TCP Performance over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET)
Muhammad KhurramProf. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney20002000-MSCE-031Measuring Voice Quality Issues by Using Perceptual Analysis
Syed Shoaib NazirDr. Pervez Akhtar20002000-MSCE-034An Evaluation of IP-Based Protocols and the Registration Process in Mobile IP
Abdul Moid KhanAleem Khalid Alvi20002000-MSCE-037Quantitative Analysis of MPLS Traffic Engineering and QoS
M. Umair A. SiddiquiAleem Khalid Alvi20002000-MSCE-038MPLS Traffic Capabilities to ATTAIN QoS
Muhammad AamirProf. Dr. Syed Enamul Haque20002000-MSEE-002Virtual Remote Electronic Laboratory
Abdul WahidDr. Pervez Akhtar20002000-MSEE-007Audio Compression Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
S. Rizwan Ul HassanArif Obaid20002000-MSCE-011Simulation Study of Probability of Blocking of CDMA in Mobile Technologies
Syed Zakir Ali RizviAthar Mahboob20002000-MSCE-027Design Analysis of a Data Security Infrastructure
M. Sadiq Ali KhanProf. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney20002000-MSCE-030Multislot Cell Scheduling Algorithm in ATM Switching Networks
Osama Ahmed SiddiquiProf. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney20002000-MSCE-039QoS Routing Strategies When Link State Information is out of date
Mahjabeen TahirSohail Munir20002000-MSCE-005Self Organizing Sensor Networks
Muhammad NihalAasaf Maruf Ali20002000-MSCE-020Application Performance Enhancement Under Linux Cluster Using Network of Workstation
Ali FaisalDr. Amir Hasan Pathan20002000-MSCE-021Improvement of Network Security in Banking Sector in Pakistan
Syed Inam Ur RehimProf. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney20002000-MSCE-029Analysis of IP Multicasting to Enchace Performance of Hybird Internet Service
Fawad MahmoodAnwar Amjad20012001-MSCE-007Jitter Control Mechanism: An Optimization for Quality of Service in Real Time Networks
Humera NoorAnwar Amjad20012001-MSCE-039Effect of Data Preprocessing on Artificial Neural Networks for Intelligent Software Design
Shamima NoorSalman Wasi20012001-MSCE-040Application and Implementation of Risk Assessment Algorithms in Software Development
Asma MushkbarDr. Abdul Ahad Siddiqui20012001-MSCE-057An Agent Based Virtual Market for Electronic Commerce
Zohra JabeenDr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja20012001-MSCE-066Comparative Analysis of Native XML Databases with Relational Databases to Store XML Documents
Asadullah MalikProf. Dr. S.M. Aqil Burney20012001-MSCE-011Role of Handoff in QoS for Wireless Application Protocol Based Mobile Internet Services
M. Qasim KhanAbdul Rehm Darwaish20012001-MSCE-020Performance Analysis of Voice Over Packet Network for Long Distance and International Telecommunication Operators
Pervaiz AkhtarDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20012001-MSEE-015Comparative Study of Multimedia Communication
M. Suleman AskariDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20012001-MSEE-006An Adaptive Modulation Scheme in Ka-Band Satellite Systems
Farhan SiddiquiRizwan ul Hasan20012001-MSCE-008Maximizing Throughput by Power Control in CDMA System
S. Qutubuddin AhmedRizwan ul Hasan20012001-MSCE-014QoS Support in GPRS Core Network Using Diffserv
Muhammad Najmul IslamRabia Noor Enam20012001-MSCE-025Capacity Enhancement in Distributed Antenna CDMA System Through Sectorization of the Antenna
Rizwan Hamid ZubairiMehnaz Adnan20012001-MSCE-045Algorithm for Digital Copyrights Protection Using Watermark Techniques
Almas HanifDr. Imran Tasadduq20012001-MSCE-064Dynamic Query Optimizer with NDBC Architecture for Heterogenous Distributed Databases
Abdul Mujeer KapadiaDr. Raheel Siddiqui20012001-MSCE-047To Study the Effects of Dynamic Chrominance Adjustment for Streaming Video in Network Congestion
Syed Shariq AqeelCdre ® Khawaja Abdul Hamid20012001-MSCE-067Designing and Development of Algorithm for Torpedo Simulation
Muhammad Kamran KhanAnwar Amjad20022002-MSCE-017Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Sahifa IqbalDr. Pervez Akhtar20022002-MSEE-018Algorithm Development for Echo Cancellation using Matlab
Bilal Muhammad KhanDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20022002-MSEE-033Speeach Synthesis and Analysis using Linear Predictive Coding
Shima MunirDr. Pervez Akhtar20022002-MSEE-039Speech Denoising in Wavelet Domain Application of Wavelets in Digital Audio Processing
Mateen MoizProf. Dr. Syed Mumtazul Imam20022002-MSCE-021Evaluation of a Customized Framework for Developing Scalable and High Performance J2EE Application
Waqar Ahmed RizviRizwan ul Hasan20022002-MSCE-078Policy Based Architecture of Qos Differentiated Services
Adil QureshiDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20022002-MSEE-004Analysis of Time Difference of Arrival Techniques for Position Location in CDMA Systems
Muhammad AneelKashif Habib Sheikh20022002-MSEE-009Leser Based Short Range Object Tracking System
Nadeem IqbalEngr. Muhammad Zubair Ahmed20022002-MSEE-034Throughput an Analysis of Data Transmission Techniques in Satellite Communication
Nadeem Ur Rehman BaigDr. Pervez Akhtar20022002-MSEE-036Analysis of Shadowing and Fade Detection in Land Mobile Satellite System Using Diversity Technique
Sohail RabbaniDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20022002-MSEE-020Throughput Improvement of CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO Wireless
Mohammad Ashfaque AjmalDr. Ameer Hasan Pathan20022002-MSCE-049Study and Analysis of Quality of Services of VoIP and Role of H.323 & SIP Protocols
Moona KanwalProf. Dr. Hilal Qureshi20032003-MSCE-012Design & Implementation of Ontology based Hypermedia Link Structure
Tabinda JawaidDr. Pervez Akhtar20032003-MSCE-063Performance Evaluation of CDMA Based Wireless Systems
M.Ibrar Ul HaqProf. Dr. Najeeb A. Siddiqui20032003-MSEE-005Dynamic Techniques for Channel Allocation in Cellular Communication Systems
Umm-E-LailaProf. Dr. Hilal Qureshi20032003-MSCE-007Adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) in Pakistan
Ibrahim. M. HussainDr. Imran Tasadduq20032003-MSCE-036Design of Power-Efficient OFDM Signals for Wireless Communication
M. Rehan RasheedProf. Dr. Syed Mumtazul Imam20032003-MSCE-048Performance Evaluation of Ad-hoc Routing Protocols in WiMAX based Networks
Sofia IqbalProf. Dr. Syed Mumtazul Imam20032003-MSCE-061Comparative Analysis of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols Under TCP Variants
Tauseef MubeenDr. Imran Tasadduq20032003-MSCE-064Study of Handover Issues in 3G UMTS Networks
Noman Ahmed SiddiquiProf. Dr. Najeeb A. Siddiqui20032003-MSEE-002Design Techniques for WCDMA in Wireless Networks
Urooj Ain-Ud-DinDr. Zainab Razia Zaidi20032003-MSCE-065Comparative Analysis of Routing Strategies in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Agha Yasir AliProf. Dr. Syed Mumtazul Imam20052005-MSEE-011Channel Estimation for Wireless OFDM System
Osama M. HussainDr. Imran Tasadduq20052005-MSCE-030Detection of Multiuser MC-CDMA with TCM over Wireless Channels
Razia ZiaDr. Pervez Akhtar20052005-MSEE-001Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform
Lizna Wazir AliProf. Dr. M. A. Haleem20092009-MSBM-002Biomed Ontological Engineering & It's Intervention Via eLearning
Syedah Sadaf ZehraProf. Dr. M. A. Haleem20092009-MSBM-008Ventilation Inhomogeneity Analysis Using Electrical Impedance Tomography Image Processing
Zohra JabeenProf. Dr. M. A. Haleem20092009-MSBM-010Designing of Patient Information System Using mHalth: An Approach for Teleconsultation
Rafia KhalidDr. Mirza Imran Baig20092009-MSEE-012Design of Receiver RF Front End for Mobile Base Station
Nazish KanwalProf. Dr. M. Zakaullah khan20092009-MSMA-006Semirings Characterized by the Properties of their Fuzzy Ideals and Fuzzy Subsemimodules
Nageen ShahidProf. Dr. M. A. Haleem20092009-MSBM-004A Research Study on the Availability, Implementation and Scope of Telesurgery Worldwide During the Current Era
Madiha AbbasiDr. Mirza Imran Baig20112011-MSCE-028Longitudinal Measurement of Chromatic Dispersion Along an Optical Fiber Transmission System with New Correction Factor
Aneeta ArshadDr. Mehnaz Adnan20112011-MSCE-003A Comparative Study of Web Pages Classification Methods Applied to Health Consumer Web Pages
Hira KhanDr. Syed Faisal Ahmed Bukhari20112011-MSCE-005A Comparative Study onTraditional and Agile Software Development Methodologies, Their Strengths Limitations and Risks
Rao Muhammad AdnanDr. Raheel Siddique20112011-MSCE-013Enterprise Resource Planning of SSUET
Rizwan Ali SiddiquiDr. Mehnaz Adnan20112011-MSCE-015An Ontology Based Framework for Navigation Support in Electronic Discharge Summaries
Farheen QaziDr. Fozia Hanif Khan20112011-MSCE-025Modification in Hill Cypher for cryptographic application
RukaiyaDr. Rehan Inam Qureshi20122012-MSCE-027RSSI Based Node Localization Using Trilateration in Wireless Sensor Network
Noreen AkramDr. Naeem Abbas20122012-MSEE-018Automated Facial Expression Recognition System
S. Bushra Sultana RashidProf. Dr. Syed Faisal Ahmed Bukhari20122012-MSCE-021Automation of Mobile Application Development Through Continuos Integration
Hafsa Habib MinhasDr. Shakil Ahmed20122012-MSCE-017Detecting Credit Card Fraud by Machine Learning
Farheen MannanDr. Naeem Abbas20122012-MSEE-012Face recognition for very low quality image
Sana MujtabaDr. Zia Mohy Uddin20122012-MSBM-004Miniture Microcontroller Based Treatment of Odontalgia Via Micro Electeodes Simulator
S. Muddasir HussainDr. Zia Mohy Uddin20122012-MSBM-005Automatic Blood Group Detection Unit
Hassan AliEng. Dr. Zia Mohyuddin20122012-MSBM-007Determination of optimum size and inter-distance of electrode to treat knee pain by electro muscular stimulation.
Haris AhmedDr. Tahseen Ahmed Jilani20132013-MSCS-002Fuzzy Classification Techniques for Online Advertisement Based On user's perception on social networks
Saher JawaidDr. Tahseen Ahmed Jilani20132013-MSCS-004Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Cardiac Patients’ Length of Stay Prediction
Syed Muhammad AliDr. Tahir Qadri20142014-MSEE-016Analog Design Flow Methodology Based on Parameterized Cell
Faaz Malik IqbalDr.Fozia Hanif Khan20142014-MSCE-014A RESEARCH framework of oracle universal content management (ucm)
S.M. Wajih AbidiProf. Dr. Abdul Haleem20142014-MSBM-013Alpha Theta Meditation vs Drugs Medication for Migraine and Insomnia
Faiza ZamirDr. Fozia Hanif20152015-MSMA-001Bivariate Frequency Analysis Using Gumbel Logistic Model
Ghulam-E-Mustafa AbroDr. Zain Anwer Ali20162016-MSEE-014Modeling Controlling & stabilization of underactuated 3 DOF Hovercraft
Saveeta BaiDr. Abid Muhammad Khan20162016-MSEE-015FPGA-Based Time Domain OFDM Channel Estimation in Non-Guassian Mixture Noise
Muhammad Mustafa KhanDr. Tahir Qadri20182018-MSCE-002Automatic Detection of Pneumonia in Chest X-Rays Using Deep Learning Techniques
Muhammad Babar MunirDr. Muhammad Rauf20182018-MSEE-010Design and evaluation of modulation techniques in highly conductive medium using conduction current method
Maham SarvatEngr. Dr.Suhaib Mansoor20182018-MSBM-002Centralized Telemetric Drug Delivery System
Marrium ShakilDr. Darakhsan Saleem20182018-MSBM-004Smart System For the Detection of Arthritis
Sara Shakil AkhtarDr. Asif Aziz20182018-MSTE-004Artificial Intelligence Based Tele-Prognosis Services for COVID-19 Patients.
Shamim Akhtar KhanDr. Agha Yasir Ali20182018-MSEE-008Optimization of the performance of visible light communication
Hafiz Imtiaz AhmedDr. Darakhshan M. Saleem20182018-MSBM-005Wearable design for digital health solution.
Sobia ShabirDr. Darakhshan Saleem20182018-MSBM-011Studies of food & drug interaction of leflunomide.
Asif AliDr. Mariam Raziq20182018-MSBM-007Age Related Macular Degeneration by Optical Coherence Tomography
Aliya AshrafDr. Muhammad Imran20192019-MSCV-010Restoration of historical buildings using advance techniques.
Sadia Mansoor KazmiDr. Lubna Farhi20202020-MSEE-003Dermoscopic image classification using deep belief learning NetWare architecture.
Saddam Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohammed Al-AzzaniDr. M. Imran20202020-MSCV-007Re-strengthening of damaged structural members, using CFRP and conventional techniques for existing building
Fizzah SohailDr. Shakil Ahmed Bashir20202020-MSCE-003Impact of Agile and Hybrid Agile on Software Development Life Cycle