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Biomedical Engineering Department Final Year Design Project​

Project Description:

Final Year Design Project (FYDP) is a compulsory element of an engineering degree program. It is an Outcome Based Education (OBE), Complex Engineering Activity (CEA) of 6 credit hours. FYDP is for the final year students and begins in 7th semester and stays till the end of 8th semester. The main purpose of this project is to enhance the technical capabilities of students by implementing their theoretical & practical knowledge in the field of Research & Development. It encourages students to work on an industrial or research-based problem and show how proficient they are in problem solving and critical thinking. FYDP allows the students to develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills i.e., technical skills, communication skills by integrating writing, presentation and teamwork. Working in team structure, time management, member participation, planning, cost estimations are some of key processes, the student learn and apply in FYDP.

Group formation:

Students are advised to form a group of Minimum of 2 and Maximum 4 students before start of any FYDP activity. Backlog student can form the group with the current year final year students.

Project Selection

All the students/groups are advised to follow the instructions, given in the following, while finalizing the project. The project idea must address any field related to the degree program. Projects should be the combination of Hardware and Software but not restricted.

Proposal writing:

In this part a group will write a project proposal to submit their idea to Final Year Design Project Committee (FYDPC) for final approval. Before submission, it is very important that all group members consult internal supervisors to discuss their project ideas, title & area for finalizing it. Most importantly, discussions should be focused to find an application and problems/issues which could be the motivation of the project. Groups can start working on their project after final approval.

Progress Report:

All groups must remain in contact with supervisor by meeting on regular basis. It is also mandatory for all groups to submit their progress report monthly duly signed by supervisor to the FYDPC. The purpose of this report is to provide information on the amount of work that student have completed (based on his Gantt chart), to guide students in the right path and to monitor progress of the project. These reports will be considered for continuous assessment of performance of the students by the respective supervisors.

Mid-Year presentation:

A presentation, to portray progress of project, is to be given by each FYDP group in front of the panel of evaluators.

Report writing:

It is compulsory for all the groups to write a detailed report and submit it to FYDPC. Formatting of the report should be according to the prescribed format.

Final Presentation:

Each FYDP groups will defend their project in front of a panel of evaluators & will demonstrate their project.

Participation in Annual Open House & Job Fair:

It is mandatory for all the groups to participate in Open House & Job Fair.

Notification Communications:


Proposal Defense of FYP Students:

FYP Feasibility/Proposal defense was held on Thursday 04th March 2021 according to the following schedule:

Groups: 1-12

Time: 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

Groups: 13-24

Time: 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Report Observations / findings/ recommendations:

Batch 2018 Proposal Defense Findings / Recommendations

FYP Templates

FYP templates are in revision process after recommendations in the current Academic Council. It would be available for download upon reception of Final Version from QEC.

List of Previous Projects:

Batch 2017

Batch 2016

Batch 2015

Research Project Ideas: