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Architecture: Become the Architect of the New Future

For those with passion for exploring and discovering new ideas for change making, Architectural professional degree (Bachelor of Architecture) is a dream come true. Architects are very different from other professional fields as Architectural course blends studies in Science, Arts and Entrepreneurship to help young people create new ideas for the future. Architects find employment and private practice in Construction Industry, Development Sector and the Creative Fields like art, media and design. Young people with a dream for becoming an Engineer, Artist or Social Scientist will spend a comfortable 5 years at Architecture and Environmental Design (AED) department of SSUET. AEDD course is field based, analytical and sensitive to environmental and cultural issues, especially Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. At AEDD, you will find friendly and supportive colleagues, mentors and facilitating staffs. Here we all are learners, and learn together.

AED curriculum has a No Objection from Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planner (PCATP), and graduates will find themselves equipped to deal with anything from building and urban design to art based practices and community development. AEDD also offers a range of research opportunities for graduate and post graduate researchers with a back-up network of visiting professionals and academicians to provide guidance and mentoring. Additionally, AEDD offers outreach services to Non Government Organizations, Corporations and Companies, and Government departments and projects. We are part of the global society and contributing towards making Pakistan a Knowledge Based Society. Become the Architect of the New Future.

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