BS in Civil Engineering


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CV 112TEngineering Drawing1
CV 112LEngineering Drawing Lab2
CV 110TBasic Electro-Mechanical Engineering3
CV 110 LBasic Electro-Mechanical Engineering Labs1
HS 102Functional English2
MS 102Applied Calculus3
HS 103Pakistan Studies & Aligarh Movement2


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CV 111TEngineering Mechanics3
CV 111LEngineering Mechanics Lab1
CV 113TSurveying-I2
CV 113LSurveying-I Lab1
MS 104Differential Equations3
HS 101Islamic Studies OR Ethical Behavior +2
HS 104Ethical Behavior +
CE 100TComputer Fundamentals & Programming2
CE 100LComputer Fundamentals & Programming Lab1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
CV 201TStrength of Materials 3
CV 201LStrength of Materials Lab1
CV 211TSurveying II2
CV 211LSurveying II Lab1
CV 210Engineering Geology & Geoinformatics3
MS 203Numerical Analysis3
HS 2XXSocial Science Elective2


Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
CV 212TCivil Engineering Drawing1Engineering Drawing
CV 212LCivil Engineering Drawing Lab 2NIL
CV 207TFluid Mechanics3NIL
CV 207LFluid Mechanics Lab 1NIL
CV 206Structural Analysis-I3Strength of Materials
CV 213TCivil Engineering Materials2NIL
CV 213LCivil Engineering Materials Lab 1NIL
HS 201Communication Skills3NIL
MS 205Probability Methods in Engineering3NIL


Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
CV 306Structural Analysis II3Structural Analysis l
CV 302Economics for Civil Engineers2NIL
CV 313Construction Engineering3NIL
CV 318THydraulics & Irrigation Engineering3Fluid Mechanics
CV 318LHydraulics & Irrigation Engineering Lab1NIL
CV 319TReinforced Concrete Design I3Strength of Materials

Civil Engineering Materials
CV 319LReinforced Concrete Design I Lab1NIL
CV 312TSoil Mechanics3Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics
CV 312LSoil Mechanics Lab1NIL


Code Course Title Credit HoursPreq Req
CV 321TReinforced Concrete Design II 3Plain and Reinforced Concrete/RCD l
CV 321LReinforced Concrete Design II Lab1NIL
CV 305TQuantity Surveying & Costing2Civil Engineering Drawing
CV 305LQuantity Surveying & Costing1NIL
CV 308TTransportation Engineering I3Surveying , Soil Mechanics
CV 308LTransportation Engineering I Lab1NIL
CV 320TEnvironmental Engineering I2Hydraulics/Hydraulics and irrigation engineering
CV 320LEnvironmental Engineering I Lab1NIL
CV 309Steel Structures3Structural Analysis-I ,Civil Engineering Material
CV 322Construction Management3NIL


Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
HS 401Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills2NIL
CV 404Transportation Engineering-II3NIL
CV 428Environmental Engineering II2NIL
CV 412TDesign of Structures3Plain & Reinforced Concrete Design/RCD l, Pre-stressed and Reinforced Concrete Design/RCDll
CV 412LDesign of Structures Lab1NIL
CV 499Civil Engineering Project3NIL
CV 402Hydrology & Water Management3NIL


Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
CV 409Architecture & Urban Planning 3NIL
CV 429TGeotechnical & Foundation Engg.3Soil Mechanics
CV 429LGeotechnical & Foundation Engg. Lab1NIL
CV 4XXEngineering Electives Course I3NIL
CV 4XXEngineering Electives Course II3NIL
CV 499Civil Engineering Project3NIL

Elective Courses

Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
HS-202Business Communications 2NIL
HS-204Social Anthropology 2NIL
HS-206Critical Thinking2NIL
HS-207Introduction to Philosophy2NIL
HS-208Organizational Behavior2NIL
HS-402Professional Ethics2NIL
Code Course Title Credit HoursPre Req
CV-421Computer Aided Design3NIL
CV-422Traffic Engineering3NIL
CV-423Earthquake Engineering3NIL
CV-424Soil Improvement3NIL
CV-425Advance Fluid Mechanics3NIL
CV-427Hazard & Disaster Management3NIL
CV-428Construction Contract Management3NIL
CV-429Building Information Modeling (BIM)3NIL
CV-430Fire Safety Engineering 3NIL