BS in Computer Engineering


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS101Islamic Studies2002NIL
MS103Calculus and Analytical Geometry3003NIL
EE100Basic Electrical Engineering 3003NIL
EE100LBasic Electrical Engineering Pr0101NIL
CE101LComputing And Programming Fundamental Lab0101NIL
CE101TComputing and Programming Fundamentals3003NIL
CE111LWorkshop Practice Lab0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS103 Pakistan Studies and Aligarh Movement3003NIL
MS105 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations3003MS103
MS110TApplied Physics Theory3003NIL
MS110L Applied Physics Lab0101NIL
CE102T Object Oriented Programming Theory3003CE101T
CE102LObject Oriented Programming Lab0101CE101T
CE105 Computer Application in Engineering Design0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS201Communication Skills3003HS102
MS202 Complex Variables & Integral Transforms 3003MS103
EE122LCircuit Analysis Lab 0101EE100
EE122T Circuit Analysis Theory3003EE100
CE204TLogic Design and Switching Theory3003NIL
CE204LLogic Design and Switching Theory Lab0101NIL
CE205T Data Structures and Algorithms Theory3003NIL
CE205LData Structures and Algorithms Lab0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
MS204 Discrete Mathematics3003MS103
CE206TAdvanced Object Oriented Programming Theory3003CE102T
CE206LAdvanced Object Oriented Programming Lab0101CE102T
CE207TComputer Organization and Architecture Theory3003CE204T
CE207LComputer Organization and Architecture Lab0101CE204T
CE208TBasic Electronics for Computer Engineering Theory2002EE100 / MS110
CE208LBasic Electronics for Computer Engineering Lab0101EE100 / MS110
CE220TCE220T Signals and Systems Theory3003MS202
CE220LSignals and Systems Lab0101MS202


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
MS301Probability and Statistics3003MS103
CE301T Database Management Systems Theory3003CE205T
CE301L Database Management Systems Lab0101CE205T
CE303T Operating Systems Theory3003CE205T
CE303L Operating Systems Lab0101CE205T
CE415T Artificial Intellignce Theory3003CE205T
CE415L Artificial Intellignce Lab0101CE205T
CE308T Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Theory3003CE207T
CE308L Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab0101CE207T


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
CE202T Software Engineering Theory3003CE205T
CE202L Software Engineering Lab0101CE205T
CE304T Digital System Design Theory 3003CE207T
CE304L Digital System Design Lab 0101CE207T
CE307T Data Communication Theory3003NIL
CE307L Data Communication Lab0101NIL
HS401 Tech Writing & Presentation Skills2002HS201
CE320T Digital Signal Processing Theory3003CE220T
CE320T Digital Signal Processing Theory0101CE320L


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
CE402T Computer Communication and Networks Theory3003CE307T
CE402L Computer Communication and Networks Lab 0101CE307T
CE401T Parallel & Distributed Computing Theory3003CE303T
CE401L Parallel & Distributed Computing Lab0101CE303T
CE-499 Final Year Project-II0303NIL
CE403 Computer Engineering Project Management 3003NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-410 Professional Practice3003NIL
CE408T Cryptography and Network Security Theory3003CE402T / MS204
CE408L Cryptography and Network Security Lab0101CE402T / MS204
HS301 Engineering Economics3003NIL
CE-499 Final Year Project-II 0303NIL
CE409T Simulation and Modelling Theory 2002NIL
CE409L Simulation and Modelling Lab0101NIL

CE Electives

Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
CE409 Simulation & Modelling 2103NIL
CE403 Computer Engineering Project Management3003NIL
CE417 Entrepreneurship3003NIL
CE-306 Computer Graphics Animation and Multimedia2103NIL
MS302 Numerical Methods 3003NIL
CE-415 Artificial Intelligence2103NIL