BS in Electrical Engineering


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
HS-111Functional English 202NIL
MS-103Calculus & Analytical Geometry303NIL
EL-111TLinear Circuit Analysis T303NIL
EL-111LLinear Circuit Analysis L011NIL
CE-113TIntroduction to Computing T101NIL
CE-113LIntroduction to Computing L011NIL
MS-110TApplied Physics T303NIL
MS-110LApplied Physics L011NIL
EL-112EL-112 Electrical Workshop Practice011NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
MS-104Differential Equations303MS-103
HS-103Pakistan Studies & Aligarh Movement202NIL
HS-101/HS-104Islamic Studies/Ethical Behaviour202NIL
ME-121Basic Mechanical Engineering303NIL
CE-122TProgramming Fundamentals303CE-113T
CE-122LProgramming Fundamentals011NIL
EL-123TElectronic Devices & Circuits303EL-111T
EL-123LElectronic Devices and Circuits Lab011EL-111T


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
MS-202Complex Variables & Transforms303NIL
HS-201Communication Skills202NIL
EL-211TDigital Logic Design T303NIL
EL-211LDigital Logic Design L011NIL
CE-104Computer Aided Engg. Design011NIL
CE-102TObject Oriented Programming T303CE-122T
CE-102LObject Oriented Programming L011NIL
EL-212TElectrical Network Analysis303EL-111T
EL-212LElectrical Network Analysis011NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
MS-310Probability Methods in Engineering303NIL
MS-201Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis303MS-103
EL-221TElectrical Machines303NIL
EL-221LElectrical Machines L011NIL
CV-205TEngineering Surveying303NIL
CV-205LEngineering Surveying L011NIL
EL-222TSignals and systems T303MS-202
EL-222LSignals and systems L011NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
HS-304Professional Psychology303NIL
EL-315< a href ="">Electromagnetic Field Theory303NIL
EL-312TDigital Signal Processing T303EL-222T
EL-312LDigital Signal Processing L011NIL
EL-313TElectrical Power Distribution & Utilization (Elective-I) T303NIL
EL-313LElectrical Power Distribution & Utilization (Elective-I) L011NIL
EL-314TInstrumentation & Measurement T303NIl
EL-314LInstrumentation & Measurement L011NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
HS-401Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills303NIL
EL-321TCommunication Systems T303EL-222T
EL-321LCommunication Systems L011NIL
EL-322TLinear Control Systems T303NIL
EL-322LLinear Control Systems L011NIL
EE-361TPower Electronics (Elective-II) T303NIL
EE-361LPower Electronics (Elective-II) L011NIL
HS-301Engineering Economics & Management303NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
EE-412TEmbedded Systems T303EL-211T
EE-412TEmbedded Systems L011NIL
HS-404Professional Ethics202NIL


Code Course Title ThLabCr HrsPre Req
EL-421-TPower System Analysis T303EL-212T
EL-421-LPower System Analysis L011NIL
EL-4XXTElective-IV T303NIL
EL-4XXLElective-IV L011NIL
EL-4XXEL-4XX Elective-V303NIL
EL-413Project II044NIL


CodeCourse Title ThLab
EL-313Electrical Power Distribution & Utilization31
EE-361Power Electronics31
EL-411Electrical Power Transmission31
EL-422Power System Protection31
EL-423Electrical Power Generation30
EL-424Advance Electrical Machines30
EL-414PLC and Industrial Drives31
EL-425Renewable Energy Systems30
EL-426Power System Operation and Control30
EL-427High Voltage Engineering30
EL-428Smart Grid30