BS in Electronic Engineering


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
CE - 100L Computer Fundamentals & Programming.0101NIL
HS - 103 Pakistan Studies & Aligarh Movement.3003NIL
MS - 103 Calculus & Analytical Geometry.3003NIL
CE - 100T Computer Fundamentals & Programming T. 3003NIL
MS - 110T Applied Physics T.3003NIL
MS - 110L Applied Physics L.0101NIL
EE - 100T Basic Electrical Engineering T.3003NIL
EE - 100L Basic Electrical Engineering.0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
CE-104L Computer Aided Engineering Design. 0101NIL
CE-103T Introduction to Object Oriented Programming T.3003CE - 100T
E-103T Introduction to Object Oriented Programming L.0101CE - 100L
EE-110T Basic Electronics T.3003EE - 100T
EE-110L Basic Electronics L.0101EE - 100L
HS-101 Islamic Studies.2002NIL
MS-104 Differential Equations3003MS - 103
HS-102 English3003NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-105 Psychology2002NIL
EE-201T Network Analysis3003EE - 100T
EE-201L Network Analysis0101EE - 100L
EE-213T Electronic Devices & Circuits T3003EE-110T
EE-213L Electronic Devices & Circuits L0101EE-110L
MS-201 Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis3003MS-104
EE-220T Digital Logic Design T3003EE-110T
EE-220L Digital Logic Design L0101EE-110L


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
MS-202 Complex Variables & Transforms3003MS-201
EE-250 Electromagnetic Theory3003MS - 110T
EE-260T Electrical Machines T3003EE - 100T
EE-260L Electrical Machines L0101EE - 100L
EE-230T Instrumentation & Measurements T2002EE-201T
EE-230L Instrumentation & Measurements L0101EE-201L
HS-201 Communication Skills3003HS-102


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
EE-300T Data Communication & Computer Networks T3003CE - 100T
EE-300L Data Communication & Computer Networks L0101CE - 100L
EE-321T Microprocessor & Microcontroller Systems T3003EE-220T
EE-321L Microprocessor & Microcontroller Systems L0101EE-220L
MS-310 Probability Methods in Engineering3003MS - 103
EE-320T Signals & Systems T3003MS-202
EE-320L Signals & Systems L0101MS-202
HS-303 Engineering Management3003NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-401 Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills3002HS-102
EE-322T Digital Signal Processing T2003EE-320T
EE-322L Digital Signal Processing L0101EE-320L
EE-380T Integrated Electronics T3003EE-213T
EE-380L Integrated Electronics L0101EE-213L
EE-340T Linear Control Systems T3003EE-320T
EE-340L Linear Control Systems L0101EE-320L
EE-361T Power Electronics T3003NIL
EE-361L Power Electronics L0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
EE-461T Industrial Electronics T3003EE-220T
EE-461L Industrial Electronics L0101EE-220L
EE-470T Communication Systems3003EE-320T
EE-470L Communication Systems0101EE-320L
EE-423T Embedded Systems Design & Applications T3003NIL
EE-423L Embedded Systems Design & Applications L0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-404Professional & Social Ethics3003NIL
EE-473TOptical Communication System T3003MS - 110T
EE-473LOptical Communication System L0101MS - 110L
EE-462Robotics(2020F) 3003NIL
EE-472Fundamentals of Wireless Communication3003NIL