BS in Mobile Communication & Security


Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS103 Pakistan Studies & Aligarh Movement3+0
MS103Calculus & Analytical Geometry3+0
MCS101 Introduction to Programming3+1
MCS102 Introduction to Model Driven Development3+1
MCS111 Fundamentals of Computer Organization3+0


Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS101/HS104 Islamic Studies / Ethical Behavior2+0
HS201 Communication Skills3+0
MS204 Discrete Mathematics3+0
MCS205 Computer Software – Algorithm3+1
MCS231 Operating Systems I3+0
MCS121 Theory of Computation I3+0


Code Course Title Credit Hours
MCS206 Mobile App Development3+1
MCS343Web & Database Technology II3+1
MCS344 TCP/IP Networking3+1
MCS352Data Security3+0
MCS307 Distributed Computing I3+0


Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS401 Technical Report Writing& Presentation Skills2+0
MCSXXX Elective I3+0
MCS409 System Analysis and Design3+0
MCSXXX Elective II3+0
MCS499 Project I0+3


Code Course Title Credit Hours
HS102 English3+0
MS104 Differential Equations3+0
MCS203 Software Development3+1
MCS204 Games Modelling Design3+1
MCS112 Computer System Organization3+1


Code Course Title Credit Hours
MS302 Computer Mathematics3+0
MCS241 Communications Networking Fundamentals3+1
MCS251 Introduction to Security and Cryptography3+0
MCS242 Web & Database Technology I3+0
MCS232 Operating Systems II3+0
MCS122 Theory of Computation II3+0


Code Course Title Credit Hours
MCS308 Distributed Computing II3+1
MCS371 Cloud Computing3+0
MCS313 Embedded Software3+1
MCS361 Computer Law, investigation & Ethics3+0
MCS345 Communications Networking Standard3+0


CodeCourse Title Credit Hours
MCSXXX Elective III3+0
MCS453 Host and Network Security3+0
MCS463 Project Management and Practice2+0
MCSXXX Elective IV3+0
MCS499Project II0+3

Elective Courses

Code Course Title Credit Hours
MCS480 Mobile & Wireless Communications3+0
MCS481 Artificial Intelligence3+0
MCS482 Neural Networks3+0
MCS483 Computer Forensics3+0
MCS484 Environmental Impact of ICT3+0
MCS485 Network and Telecom Management3+0
MCS486 Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing3+0
MCS487 Machine Learning3+0
MCS488 Entrepreneurship3+0
MCS489 Selected topics in Mobile Communications & Security3+0