BS in Telecommunication Engineering

Curriculum Structure

Batches 2017-2019

Batch 2020F

Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-103Pakistan Studies and Aligarh Movement3003NIL
MS-103Calculus and Analytical Geometry3003NIL
EE-100TBasic Electrical Engineering3003NIL
EE-100LBasic Electrical Engineering0101NIL
TE-100Fundamentals of Telecommunication and IoT3003NIL
MS-110TApplied Physics3003NIL
MS-110LApplied Physics0101NIL


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
EE-110TBasic Electronics3003EE-100T
EE-110LBasic Electronics0101
CE-106TComputer Programming3003
CE-106LComputer Programming0101
HS-101-104Islamic Studies-Ethical Behavior2002
MS-104Differential Equations3003MS-103


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-201Communication Skills3003HS-102
MS-201Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis3003MS-103
CE-209TSoftware Development T3003CE-106T
CE-209LSoftware Development L0101
TE-210TNetwork Analysis and Transmission Lines T3003EE-100T
TE-210LNetwork Analysis and Transmission Lines L0101
TE-211TLogic Design and Switching Circuits T3003
TE-211LLogic Design and Switching Circuits L0101


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
MS-202Complex Variables and Integral Transforms3003NIL
TE-200TData Communication and Computer Networks3003NIL
TE-200LData Communication and Computer Networks L0101NIL
TE-212TIoT Devices and System Design T3003TE-211T
TE-212LIoT Devices and System Design L0101NIL
TE-220TSignals and Systems T3003NIL
TE-220LSignals and Systems L0101NIL
TE-232Electromagnetic Theory3003TE-210T


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-306Engineering Economics and Management3003
MS-205Probability Methods in Engineering3003
TE-321TDigital Signal Processing T3003TE-220T
TE-321LDigital Signal Processing L0101
TE-324TControl Systems Engineering T3003
TE-324LControl Systems Engineering L0101
TE-336TCommunication Systems T3003
TE-336LCommunication Systems L0101


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-404Professional & Social Ethics3003
TE-331TDigital Communications T3003TE-321T
TE-331LDigital Communications L0101
TE-332TModern Antenna Concepts T3003TE-232
TE-332LModern Antenna Concepts L0101
TE-360Transmission and Switching System3003


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
HS-401Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills2002HS-201
TE-410TSoftware Defined Networking2002TE-360
TE-410LSoftware Defined Networking L0101
TE-411Mobile and Satellite Communication3003TE-331T
TE-499Project - I0303
TE-XXXTElective I2002
TE-XXXLElective I0101
TE-XXXTElective II T2002
TE-XXXLElective II L0101


Code Course Title ThLabStudioCr HrsPre Req
TE-420Network and Telecom Management2002HS-306
TE-424TOptical Communication Networks T3003TE-331T
TE-424LOptical Communication Networks L0101
TE-499Project - II0303
TE-XXXTElective III T2002
TE-XXXLElective III L0101
TE-XXXTElective IV T2002
TE-XXXLElective IV L0101