MS in Computer Science

Core Courses

CodeCourse Title
CS-6001Advanced Operating Systems
CS-6003Advanced Algorithm Analysis
CS-6004Theory of Programming Languages
CS-6006Advanced Theory of Computation
CS-6008Advanced Computer Architecture

Compulsory Core

CodeCourse Title
CS-7005Research Methodology

General Electives

CodeCourse Title

Elective Courses for Specialization in Information Management

CodeCourse Title
CS-6101Advance Database Management System
CS-6103Object Oriented Databases
CS-6108User Interface Analysis and Design
CS-6109Intelligent Systems
CS-6110Advanced Machine Learning
CS-6113Tools and Techniques in Data science
CS-7102Advanced Data Warehousing
CS-7104Web Based DBMS
CS-7105Topics in Databases Management Systems
CS-7106Database Security
CS-7107Advanced Data Mining
CS-7111Big Data Analytics
CS-7112Deep Learning
CS-7113Knowledge Management

Elective Courses for Specialization in Software Design and Management

CodeCourse Title
CS-6201Software Quality Assurance
CS-6202Requirement Engineering
CS-6203Software System Architecture
CS-6204Software Design
CS-6205Software Project Management
CS-6210Software Configuration Management
CS-7206Information Retrieval
CS-7207Software Process Improvement
CS-7208Software Risk Management
CS-7209Software Measurement & Metrics
CS-7211Component Based Software Engineering

Elective Courses for Specialization in Web Engineering

CodeCourse Title
CS-6302Web Services
CS-6304Mobile Commerce Technology
CS-6305Advanced Web Systems & Technologies
CS-6306Internet Banking
CS-6307E-Commerce Strategies and Technology
CS-6308Social Marketing and Social Networking Applications
CS-6311Rich Internet Applications
CS-7301Semantic Web
CS-7303Cyber Crime and Security
CS-7309Multimedia Databases
CS-7310Web Mining
CS-7312Social Network Analysis
CS-7313Device-To-Device Communication
CS-7314Advanced Cloud Computing
CS-7315Advanced Wireless Networks
CS-7316Advanced Cryptography and Network security
CS-7317Advanced Data Communication and Networks
CS-7318Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
CS-7319Internet of Things