MS in Electronic Engineering

Core Courses

The candidate has to complete the following core courses.

CodeCourse Title
EE 7101Research Methodology
EE 7102Simulation, Modeling and Optimization
EE 7107Linear System Theory
EE 7110Stochastic Processes

The fields of specialization offered are:

Industrial Automation
Control and Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Automation

CodeCourse Title
EE-6102Industrial Control Systems
EE-6103Advanced Digital Electronics and Interfacing Techniques
EE-6104Electronic Design Automation
EE-6105Measurement and Calibration of Electronic Systems
EE-6106Intelligent Measurements and Instrumentation
EE-6107Advance Power Electronics
EE-6108Sensors and Systems
EE-6109Robotics and its Application of Industrial Electronics
EE-6110Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics
EE-7112Design of Industrial Control Systems

Control and Artificial Intelligence

CodeCourse Title
EE 6113Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Electronic Control Systems
EE 7104Dynamics and Controls of Nonholonomic Systems
EE 7109Advance Digital Signal Processing
EE 7116Digital Image Processing and its applications
EE 7118Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Neural Networks
EE 7119Machine Learning
EE 7120Selected Topics in Control and Artificial intelligence I
EE 7121Selected Topics in Control and Artificial intelligence II

General Electives

CodeCourse Title
EE 6114Solid State Drives
EE 6115FPGA Based Systems
EE 7103Mechatronics
EE 7105Embedded System Modeling
EE 7106Advance Engineering Mathematics
EE 7108Adaptive Systems
EE 7109Advance Digital Signal Processing.
EE 6199MS Thesis