MS in Mathematics

Core / Compulsory Courses

CodeCourse Title
MS-6101Real Analysis
MS-6105Complex Analysis
MS-6201Abstract Algebra
MS-6401Ordinary Differential Equations

Compulsory Courses

CodeCourse Title
MS-7111Research Methodology

Elective Courses

CodeCourse Title
MS-6110Measure Theory – I
MS-6115Functional Analysis – I
MS-6120Summability Theory – I
MS-6215Ring Theory - I
MS-6501Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
MS-6205Linear Algebra
MS-6301General Topology
MS-6601Mathematical Statistics
MS-6901Special Topics – I
MS-7110Measure Theory - II
MS-7115Functional Analysis - II
MS-7120Summability Theory – II
MS-7125Fourier Analysis
MS-7215Ring Theory - II
MS-7220Theory of Semigroups
MS-7225Theory of Semirings
MS-7230Fuzzy Set Theory
MS-7301Algebraic Topology
MS-7401Partial Differential Equations
MS-7405Mathematical Techniques for Scientists and Engineers
MS-7410Calculus of Variation and Integral Equations
MS-7420Integral Equations
MS-7425Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations
MS-7430Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
MS-7501Fluid Mechanics
MS-7510Basics of the Theory of Fluids
MS-7515Theory of Stability
MS-7520Computational Fluid Dynamics
MS-7601Elementary Decision Theory
MS-7605Operations Research
MS-7610Approximation Theory
MS-7615Stochastic Processes
MS-7620Mathematical Modeling
MS-7701Data Structure
MS-7705Mathematical Coding Theory
MS-7710Graph Theory
MS-7715Theory of Computation
MS-7720Numerical Analysis
MS-7801Differential Geometry
MS-7901Special Topics - II