MS in Telecommunication Engineering

Core Courses

CodeCourse Title
TE-6140Advanced Communication Systems
TE-6141Data Networks
TE-6142Advanced Information Theory and Coding
TE-6143Stochastic processes

Elective Courses

CodeCourse Title
TE-6144Wireless and Mobile Networks
TE-6145Advanced Wireless Communications Networks and Systems
TE-6146Emerging Wireless Techniques
TE-6147Optical Communications Systems
TE-6148Satellite Communication
TE-6149Multi User Information Theory
TE-6150Network Planning
TE-6151Antennas and Wave Propagation
TE-6152Security in Communications and Storage
TE-6153Techno Economic Analysis of Telecommunication Networks
TE-6154Communication Network Reliability
TE-6155Network Management
TE-7116Cyber Security
TE-7117Internet of Things (IoT)
TE-7118System Design for the Internet of Things
TE-7119Simulation of Mobile Communications
TE-7120Artificial Intelligence
TE-7121MIMO Systems
TE-7122Nano Systems
TE-7123Navigation Using the Global Positioning System
TE-7124Software Defined Networks
TE-7125Machine Learning
TE-7126Machine Learning for Wireless Communications
TE-7127Advanced Electromagnetic Waves
TE-7128System on Chip Technologies
TE-7129Advanced Methods in Cryptography
TE-7130Adaptive Signal Processing