PEB Coordinator Information:

Dr. Muhammad Tahir
Professional Engineering Bodies Coordinator
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
Mobile # +92-333-3688125
Office # +92-21-34988000 Ext 378
Email: [email protected]

CPD Activities:

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Tentative CPD Activities

Introduction To CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the means by which members of professional bodies maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills for developing personal qualities required in their professional lives.
In a rapidly changing world where legislative, social and economic developments directly affect the environment in which we live and work, and where technological advancements provide radically different ways of working, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provides a means whereby we can keep abreast of these changes, broaden our skills and be more effective in our professional work.
Pakistan Engineering Council under its Act has mandate for introducing and ensuring continued professional development activities amongst its growing community of engineers and has devised a comprehensive framework titled Professional Development of Engineers (Bye Laws – 2008) approved by the Government of Pakistan.
The main objective is to develop competence and ability of engineers for the application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations and to evolve innovative solutions to real life problems while adhering to professional ethics and acquisition of a broader understating of their obligations to society.

Strategy/Plan for Professional Development Activies

As per provisions of CPD Byelaws, from July 2010 onwards, most of Continuing Professional Development activities (courses, training workshops, etc.) may be undertaken by the Professional Engineering Bodies registered with PEC as per provision of Section 16 of PDE Bye-Laws 2008. Until the SRO becomes effective in July 2010, PEC will continue conducting CPD activities/ courses without any credit points. However, after July 2010 onwards, CPD activities may be undertaken by PEC in view of need/ availability of resource person(s) on a particular subject/field.
PEC will continue charging nominal course fee per participant. However, PEBs imparting CPD activities will decide fee on the basis of course type and efforts should be made to charge the fee as minimum as possible. The courses/ CPD activities will be planned by the PEBs according to the specified criteria and guidelines (Section 16 of Bye-Laws). Such bodies will also provide schedule of courses and share verified list of participants with PEC to maintain transparent record of CPD activities and points for all the registered/ professional engineers. PEC Regional Offices will play role of facilitator for the professional bodies in organizing CPD activities.

Tentative CPD Activities Calendar Year – 2018

PEB Name: Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.
PEB License Number: PEB-S-SSUETK-0064
PEB Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Fattani

S.No CPD Title CPD Category Type Resource Person Tentative Date CPD Credit Points Location
1 Outcome Based Engineering Education Workshop Dr Rehan Inam Qureshi January 2018 1.0 SSUET
2 Awareness Seminar on Bitcoin and Block chain Technologies Seminar Dr Muhammad Murad Khan @GC University Faisalabad January 2018 0.5 SSUET
3 Lecture of Blockchain Technology & Trust works Fellowship Program Seminar Rashid Jamal, Founder @ Edgebox Feb 2018 0.5 SSUET
4 Information Security and Ethical Hacking Seminar Faraz Abbsasi @ Dig8 Labs March 2018 0.5 SSUET
5 How to market your final Year project Workshop Shahzad Naseem @ Assistant Professor April 2018 1.0 SSUET
6 Physiological modeling and simulation Seminar Dr. M. Zeeshan Ul Haque April 2018 0.5 SSUET
7 Data Science & Big Data Analytics Workshop Dr. Syed Saood Zia August 2018 1.0 SSUET
8 Introduction to Virtual Biomedical Instrument Seminar Engr. Dr . Zia Mohy Uddin August 2018 0.5 SSUET
9 Research Methods and Scientific Writing Skills for Engineers Workshop Dr. Muhammad Aamir August 2018 1.0 SSUET
10 Economical concrete mix design methods suitable for concrete construction in Pakistan Seminar Engr. Rukhsana Rahooja September 2017 0.5 SSUET
11 Implementing of IPV6 Routing Protocol Workshop Dr. Tahir/ Mr. Hassan Zaki September 2018 1.0 SSUET
12 IOT and WSN Seminar Dr. Rabia Noor Enam October 2018 0.5 SSUET
13 Introduction to COMSOL Seminar Engr. Dr . Zia Mohy Uddin October 2018 0.5 SSUET
14 Cloud Computing Seminar Dr. Syed Saood Zia October 2017 0.5 SSUET
15 Tissue Engineering Seminar Engr. Dr. Eraj Humayyun Mirza October 2017 0.5 SSUET
16 Project Management Seminar Dr. Syed Saood Zia November 2018 0.5 SSUET
17 Trends in Tissue Engineering Seminar Dr. Mariam Raziq November 2018 0.5 SSUET
18 BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY: A distributed database based backbone behind Bitcoin’ Seminar Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail, Associate Professor, NED University December 2018 0.5 SSUET
19 Building Prototypes for IoT Seminar Dr Rehan Inam Qureshi December 2018 0.5 SSUET