BSc Computer Engineering Technology

Sir Syed University of Engineering
and Technology

Applied Physics

Course Code
Credit Hours:
2+1 (2+3)

Properties of electric charge, Conservation of charge, Quantization of charge, Coulomb’s law Electric field, Electric field due point charge, Infinite line of charge, Ring of charge, Disk of Charge, Dipole of an electric field, Electric dipole moment, Electric flux, Gauss’s law and it’s applications, spherical symmetric charge distribution. Electric potential, Potential difference, Potential due to dipole, Equipotential surfaces. Capacitors, Parallel plate capacitor, Capacitance with Dielectric, Energy stored in charged capacitor, energy density, Electric current, Ohm’sLaw, Conductivity and resistivity. Biot-Savart Law, Lines of Magnetic field, Two parallel conductors, Ampere’s law and it’s applications, Magnetic field of Solenoid and Toroid. Faraday’s law of induction, Lenz’s law, Motional emf, Equions for electromagnetism. Magnetic properties of matter: Ferro, Para and diamagnetism, Hall’seffect. Waves and oscillation. Theory of light, Interference, Conditions of Interference, Superposition of waves, Young Double Sit experiment, Interference by thin films, slit diffraction. Diffraction, Fraunhofer& Fresnel diffraction, Polarization, Polarization sheet and Double refraction. Conduction of Electrons in a Metal, Semiconducting materials Semiconductor Physics and Devices: Conduction of Electrons in Semiconducting materials, Free electrons & holes N-type, P type Semi-conductors. Energy gap (Band)PN Junctions, Biasing, Characteristic curve of PN Diode. Zener diode and it’s characteristic curve, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) & it’s characteristic, Saturation point, cutoff point, Q point. Transistor as an amplifier and as switch, Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) &it’s characteristics as an amplifier.

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