BSc Computer Engineering Technology

Sir Syed University of Engineering
and Technology

Cloud Computing

Course Code
Credit Hours:
1+2 (1+6)
CET-102, CET-204, CET-303

Traditional computing challenges and concerns, Cloud Computing concepts, Cloud reference architecture, Advantage of Cloud business model, Delivering services from the cloud, Types of cloud public, private and hybrid, Categorizing service types, comparing vendor cloud products, Virtualization-the backbone of cloud computing, hypervisor, vSphere Virtual Infrastructure, Network basics for cloud computing, network architecture for virtualization, creating virtual machines in vSphere, Storage Virtualization basics, Cloud computing emerging trends/ technologies, Role of cloud in digital transformation, OpenStack architecture, Virtual Machine Management, Security threats and challenges in cloud computing, architectural concepts of cloud security and design requirements, Security management in cloud computing, Next-generation security using NGFW in cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architecture and different models of Cloud Computing. Computer Services: AWS Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS EC2, Auto Scaling, and Load Balancing. Storage Services: Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Global Accelerator, Amazon FSx, and Storage Gateway.

Install VirtualBox/VMware Workstation with different flavors of Linux or Windows OS on top of windows, install a compiler in the virtual machine created using virtual box and execute Simple Programs, Install Google App Engine. Create hello world app and other simple web applications using python/java, Use GAE launcher to launch the web applications. AWS: Create Your First Amazon EC2 Instance (Windows), Working with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Groups and Network Load Balancer, Create Your First Amazon S3 Bucket, Create Your First Amazon RDS Database, Storing and Rotating RDS Credentials in Secrets Manager, Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Develop and Deploy an Application with AWS CodeStar, Introduction to CodeCommit.


  1. The Cloud Computing Book: The Future of Computing Explained by Douglas Comer (2021) ISBN: 978-0367706807 or latest edition.
  2. Amazon Web Services Bootcamp: Develop a Scalable, Reliable, and Highly Available Cloud Environment with AWS by Sunil Gulabani (2018) ISBN: 978-1788294454 or latest edition.
  3. Building Event-Driven Microservices: Leveraging Organizational Data at Scale 1st Edition by Adam Bellemare (2020) ISBN-13: 978-1492057895 or latest edition.
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