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Islamic Studies/Ethical Behaviour

Course Code
Credit Hours:
2 + 0 (2+0)

Islam – Religion of Peace and Harmony, Basic Concepts – Islam, Quran and Hadith, Faith, and Religious Life, Selected Verses of Surah Al-Baqara Related to Faith (Verse No-284-286) Selected Verses of Surah Al-Mumanoon Related to Characteristics of Faithful (Verse No-1-11). Islamic Culture and Civilization Basic Concepts and of Characteristics of Islamic Culture and Civilization, Education System of Islam, Political System of Islam – Dynamics, Sovereignty and Institutions, Economic System of Islam – Principles, Riba, Trade and Commerce, Acceptance of Other Religions – Interfaith Harmony, Foreign Policy Social System of Islam, Basic Concepts of Social System in Islam, Elements of Family and their Rights – Parents, Women, Husband & Wife, Children, Inheritance – Rights and Laws, Social Rights – Neighbors, Relatives and Society, Equality and Brotherhood, Selected Verses of Surah al-Furqan Related to Social Ethics (Verse No.63-77), Concept of Welfare State – Period of Khilafat-e-Rashida. Professional Ethics and Morality, Basic Concepts – Islam and Ethics, Selected Verses of Surah Al-Inam Related to Ihkam (Verse No-152-154), Profession and Professionalism in Islam, Characteristics of a Professional, Truthfulness, Honesty, Sincerity, Patience, Gratitude, Meditation and, Research, Role for Human Safety and Environment, Time Management Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – Role Model, Selected Verses of Surah Al-Hujrat Related to Adab Al-Nabi (Verse No-1-18), Selected Versus of Surah Al-Ihzab Related to Adab Al-Nabi (Verse No.6, 21, 40, 56, 57, 58)Islam and Science, Islam and Science, Role of Muslims in Science and Education, Critical Thinking and Innovation, Selected Verses of Surah Al-Hashar (18,19,20) Related to thinking, Day, of Judgment, Selected Verses of Surah Al-Saf Related to Tafakar, Tadabar (Verse,No1,14) Note: All topics should be taught/covered in the light of relevant Verses from Holy Quran and Ahadiths.

Ethical Behavior The Basics of Ethics, Business Ethics in Contemporary Businesses, Organizational Ethical Climate: Definition, Issues & Improvement, Factors that Affect Ethical Behavior in the Workplace, Practical Application: Identifying Factors that Affect Ethical Behavior in the Workplace, Why Ethical Problems Occur in Business, The Importance of Ethics Policies, Training & Reporting Programs in the Workplace. Practicing Workplace Ethics. Business Ethics: The Six Pillars of Character, Ethical Communication in the Workplace, Ethical Decision Making, Practical Application: Ethical Decision Making in Business, The Importance of Ethical Leadership Skills, Managing Ethical Behavior in the Workplace. Social Ethics: Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics (selection), Doing One’s Duty, Creating Ourselves. Group and Inter group Behavior: Group Structure & Norms, Group Processes, how throne Studies. Conflict and Consent in Work: The labor Process debate, Workplace control and resistance, Industrial conflict and industrial relations, Organizational culture: Organizational culture and strategic management, exploring organizational culture, evaluating concept of culture.

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