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Organizational Behaviour

Course Code
Credit Hours:
3+0 (3+0)

Organizational Behavior, manager ‘s functions, roles and skills. Identify the major behavioral science disciplines that contribute to OB. Challenges and opportunities in OB, Diversity in Organization, Attitudes and Job satisfaction, Emotions and Moods: Differentiate emotions from moods and list the basic emotions and mood, emotional intelligence. Personality, factors that determine an individual’s personality, personality models, Perception and individual Decision Making, Motivation, Early motivation theories, motivation and job design, Foundation of group behavior, Communication and Organizational Communication, Foundation of organizational structure, Human Resource Policies and Practices, Performance Evaluation. Organizational change and Stress Management: Forces of change, planned change, Resistance to change, work stress and Stress management.


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  3. Hilgard E. “Introduction to Psychology”. 15th Edition,2009, Canale, Italy ISBN: 978-1-84480-728-4
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