BSc Computer Engineering Technology

Sir Syed University of Engineering
and Technology

Pakistan Studies and Aligarh Movement

Course Code
Credit Hours:
2+0 (2+0)

History, A brief historical survey of Muslim Communities in subcontinent, War of Independence and its
aftermath, Role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Aligarh Movement and its impact on Muslim of India, Two
Nation Theory, Formation of Muslim League, Lucknow pact, Khilafat Movement, Non-Co-operation
Movement, Various Political events from 1924 to 1937, Pakistan Resolution, Struggle for Pakistan from
1940 to 1947, Emergence of Pakistan. Lands of Pakistan: Geographical Conditions, Territorial situation
and its importance, Natural Resources, Minerals and water, constitutional process: Early efforts to
make a constitution problems and issues, 1956 constitution and its abrogation, Constitution of 1962
and its annulment, Constitution and political crises of 1971, Constitution of 1973, Recent Constitution
Development, foreign policy: Relations with neighbors, Muslims, super powers and other countries,
post-independence development :Education Planning and Development in the field of Education,
Development of science and Technology with special reference to Engineering, Brief survey of Pakistan
Economy, Industrial and Agricultural Development in Pakistan, Internal and External Trade, Economy,
planning and Future Prospects.

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