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Professional Ethics

Course Code
Credit Hours:
2+0 (2+0)

Introduction: Introduction to ethics, personal and professional ethics, the nature of engineering ethics; legal, professional and historical definitions; origin of professional ethics, profession and professionalism; professional accountability, professional success, professional risks, professional associations; benefits of acting ethically and consequences of acting unethically. Value of Ethics: Values in professional ethics, central responsibility of engineering professionals, ethics in different fields of work, IEEE code of ethics, ethical code for engineering professionals, global issues in professional ethics, ethics in manufacturing and marketing, intellectual property rights, business ethics and corporate governance. Ethical Dilemmas: Common ethical dilemmas, resolution of ethical dilemmas, possible actions in response to dilemmas, probable consequences of these actions.

  1. Engineering Ethics Concepts & Cases by Charles E Harris, 5th Edition, Cengage 2014, (or Latest Edition)
  2. Kenneth Blanchard, Professional Ethics, 4th Edition (or Latest Edition)
  3. Ethics in Engineering 4th edition, by Mike W. Martin, Roland Schinzinger, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2005. (or Latest Edition)
  4. The Seven Habits of Highly effective people by Stephan r. Covey (Latest Edition)
  5. Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases, 4th edition, by Charles E. Harris, Michael S. Pritchard, Michael J. Rabins, Wadsworth, 2008 (or Latest Edition).
  6. Professional Ethics: R. Subramanian, Oxford University Press, 2015. (or Latest Edition)
  7. Ethics in Engineering Practice & Research, Caroline Whitbeck, 2e, Cambridge University Press 2015. (or Latest Edition).
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