Jeffery Ali Rizvi, Sr. lecture ELED has participated in the Peace Walk on 11th March 2022, at SSUET.

Jeffery Ali Rizvi Sr. lecturer ELED participated in peacebuilding seminar on behalf of ELED as ambassador from SSUET held at beach luxury hotel Karachi”

Mr. Jeffery Ali Rizvi Sr. Lecturer ELED arranged a Hi tea for the faculty members and whole staff of the Electrical Engineering Department in cherishment of his personal and professional achievements, on 1st April 2022.

Engr. Jeffery Ali Rizvi Sr Lecturer ELED has been appointed as director Social & Welfare activities from Profession Youth Foundation Pakistan(PYFP). He has plans to indulge students of SSUET in community services

Activities of Sr. Lecturer Jeffery Ali Rizvi