Graduation Ceremony of Cohort V

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Graduation Ceremony of Cohort V SSUET

Ms. Huma Anwar Ahmed, Manager R & D, ORIC, delivered a presentation highlighting STIC/ORIC’s activities from the past year, which garnered appreciation from all the dignitaries present. Additionally, Mr. Umair, Manager BIC, ORIC, showcased presentations from COHORT-V students, who recently graduated from STIC. Furthermore, COHORT-VI students were also invited to the event. Notably, students from COHORT-VI were honored with a silver medal (2nd Position) at the IEEEP conference, receiving applause from all guests and showcasing the dedication and commitment of SSUET students to the product development process. Refreshments were served, providing an opportunity for informal discussions and networking. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from all dignitaries, followed by the distribution of certificates among the students.

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