ASPIRE NIB core members Visited NED along with Director ORIC-SSUET

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Director ORIC-SSUET attended Detailed meeting at the NED VC Secretariat on 20th February. In this meeting Aspire members, Director ORIC and NED officials discussed different matters regarding Startup, Entrepreneur and polices of Incubations. It was mainly based on how overseas Pakistanis can help bridge the Gap between Industry and Academia and other support in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. ASPRE Pakistan is a 501c3 compliant nonprofit organization.

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FICS’24 NUST Competitions

FICS [Finding Innovation and creative solution] is an important component of NUST’s overarching goal to bring about a positive, discernible impact in the society by applying scientific knowledge and tools. It has been structured as a 3-stage competition and requires...

Graduation Ceremony of Cohort V

Ms. Huma Anwar Ahmed, Manager R & D, ORIC, delivered a presentation highlighting STIC/ORIC’s activities from the past year, which garnered appreciation from all the dignitaries present. Additionally, Mr. Umair, Manager BIC, ORIC, showcased presentations from...

Inauguration Ceremony of New Conference Room at ORIC (SSUET)

A formal inauguration ceremony was conducted by Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin (Honorable Vice Chancellor, SSUET), Engr. Syed Sarfraz Ali (Registrar, SSUET), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aamir (Dean, FoEACE, SSUET), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Dean FoCAS and FoBMASS, SSUET), and Prof. Dr....

The News Education Expo 2024 [8-9 June 2024]

Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) participated in The News Education Expo 2024, held at the Karachi Expo Centre, where the university's stall became a central attraction. Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori and Provincial Education Minister...

3rd Sindh Research & Technology Showcasing 2024

The Sindh Higher Education Commission was organized the 3rd Sindh Research & Technology Showcase on June 1st, 2024, at Expo Center Karachi to promote technological innovation in Sindh. Young researchers from SSUET will showcase their cutting-edge Projects and...

Workshop Intellectual Property patenting to enhance

Keeping in view the requirements and needs of the present age, a three-day workshop was organized by SSUET's ORIC Department on Intellectual Property patenting to enhance the skills of students and improve their work along with their inventions. Emphasis was on the...

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