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ORIC organized Meetup Seminar for FYP Heads and their committee members along with ORIC officials, on 2nd May 2023. This seminar Director ORIC welcome the guest and Introduce briefly about ORIC office. After that, she shows a valuable presentation to the audience. The presentation enhances the purpose and objectives of upcoming Batches in STIC, Director ORIC discussed the current status of FYP projects and Identification of challenges and issues faced by FYP students and teams. Director ORIC also shared best practices and potential solutions shown in her valuable presentation.

During the meetup, the Director of ORIC chaired a fruitful discussion among the FYP heads and Team Members, focused on assessing the FYP projects. The FYP heads shared potential solutions to address the identified challenges, and the group made decisions on proposed initiatives and strategies. Identification of several common challenges faced by FYP students, including time management, resource allocation, and team dynamics, the proposal of potential solutions, such as creating a mentorship program, enhancing communication channels between FYP teams, and providing additional resources and support for FYP students

Decision-making on initiating a pilot program for the proposed mentorship program, to be implemented Upcoming Cohort V.

Overall, the meetup was a productive and collaborative event, which provided valuable insights and actionable solutions. Director ORIC announced the intake procedure for COHORT-V     She also informed FYP heads to nominate 5 projects for each department to send to ORIC office to generate a new Batch for Incubation at STIC office at the earliest. Then ORIC officials will start Cohort V.

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