Sir Syed University

of Engineering & Technology


Engr. Manzar Ahmed

Assistant Professor

PhD Electrical Engineering Batch: 2013-2017 from University of South Asia Lahore – Pakistan
Subjects: Nonlinear Control System, Neural Network, Communication system, Wireless Communication System, Alternative Renewable Energy Resources, Microcomputer Based Protection and Control of Electric Power Faulted Networks

Educational Qualifications:
Masters of Engineering
Asian institute of Technologies, Thailand Medium of instruction: English Major Courses
● Satellite Communications ● Data Communication ● Network Planning ● PSTN ● Signals and System ● Carrier Modulation Technique ● Digital Network ● Broadband ISDN ● Multimedia Communication ● Teletraffic Engineering
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore-Pakistan Medium of instruction: English

Major Courses

Feedback Control System ● Industrial Electronics ● Communication System ● Digital System ●Microwave Theory and Techniques ● Network Analysis ● Analysis and Filter Design ● Radar and Television ● Electronics I, II and III

Bachelor of Science
University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan Medium of instruction: English
Major Courses
● Math A & B ● Physics
Secondary school certification and higher secondary school Certification in the fields of science and Pre-Engineering respectively
Research Study Title: “A Comparison of Different LEO Satellite Systems by the Distribution of Transmission Path Elevation Angle.” (Master’s Thesis)
Special Study Topic: “Study of Multiple Access Techniques for LEO Satellite System.” (Master’s Program)
Computer Proficiency
Operating System : MS-DOS, Windows and UNIX Programming Language : MATLAB, FORTAN 77, TURBO C Software Packages : MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point Professional Experience

2019-july-Continue Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi EE Department
Job Title: Assistant Professor
Major Subjects: Electrical power Generation, Power Economics and Management, Renewable Energy System, Power Transmission Lines, Power distribution &Utilization (labs)
2009-Aug, -01.05.2019 Job Title: Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
University of South Asia
Major Subjects: Renewable Energy System, Advanced Power Electronics, Green Energy System, Digital Signal Processing, Antennas and wave Propagation, Signals and Systems, communication system

ME in Power Energy Management,

Thesis Title: “Integration of Green Energy system in Micro and Nano grid”
Paper Published in Journal
M. Ahmed, Dr. Suhail A. Qureshi, Zaki Ahmed and Uzma Amin, “Integration of Renewable Energy Resources in Microgrid” Paper ID: 6201728, ISSN Print: 1949-243X, ISSN Online: 1947-3818, published in “Energy and Power
Engineering (EPE)” journal, IF = 1.04, January 29, 2015,, Scientific Research Publishing.,
M. Ahmed, Dr. Suhail A. Qureshi, Dr. Zaki Ahmed and Uzma Amin, “Implementation of Nanogrids for Future Power system” Science International Journal, Article No, 27(1), 133-139, Jan, 2014, ISSN 1013-53160, CODEN SINTE 8, VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1, No: SI-2014-10-03-E1, HEC “Y” ranking, Pakistan, http://www.sci- ,