Sir Syed University

of Engineering & Technology


Engr. Agha Ali Mirza

Senior Lecturer

Delivering lectures in theory classes, conducting labs, and examination duties. Development of Course material according to the course outline and adherence to the course syllabus as per the topics given in the prospectus, the course material is developed in the form of slides and lecture notes, Week-wise Lecture sessions and tutorials are conducted to students which are also uploaded on VLE, Maintenance of students attendance and updated marks record/results on Q-OBE/CMS, etc. Moreover, also involved and seek an active role in various departmental committees, namely
• Outcome-Based Education
• Class Advisory (Batch:2019-A)
• Research & Development (Signal Processing & DeepLearning)



CHANNEL CODING: Turbo Coded OFDM System’s Application in Wireless Communication,
(Research work-in-progress as Ph.D. Scholar)


‘Applications of Deep-Learning for Millimeter waves.’ Journal of Independent Studies & Research Computing Vol.19, Issue-1, Jan-Jun 2021.


Other Research or Creative Accomplishments:

MSc Project: Designing of Turbo Code Decoder on TigerSHARC DSP Processor. “The main aim of this project is to investigate, design, and implement a high-speed Turbo Decoder for 4G mobile communication under the latest standard 3GPP. In this project, C language is used to model the Turbo Decoder, which is then implemented onto the TigerSHARC DSP processor through the interface Visual DSP++. The technical challenges involving this task include developing a Turbo decoder that meets 4G specifications, for which Matlab-simulation (Simulink) is required.”