Sir Syed University

of Engineering & Technology


Engr. Sheikh Junaid Yawar

Assistant Professor

An Electrical Professional with over 10 years of engineering experience.. Having Professional as well as Teaching Experience in prestigious institutions and organizations.

Service Activity:

  • CMS Coordinator
  • VLE Coordinator
  • Documentation of SAR, CIEC
  • Member OBE Cell
  • Class advisor of ELED students
  • Member of Research Cluster
  • Academic In-charge of Campus on Cloud
  • Factotum of Fall 2017 Examination
  • Lab Advisor of Machines Lab

B.E. (Electrical ) from NED University of Engineering and Technology
M.E. (Engineering Management in Energy) from NED University of Engineering and Technology

[1] Rasheed, M. A., Rasheed, M. A., Tanweer, H. A., Yawar, S. J., & Farhi, L. (2022). A Review on Machine Learning-Based Neural Network Techniques for Flood Prediction.
[2] S. J. Yawar, U. Usmani, M. Ali, M. Mahad, F. Hussain, (2021). Design and Control of Solar Quadcopter using RF and Arduino. In Proceedings of the international conference on industrial engineering and operations management. Singapore: IEOM.
[3] Liu, H., Hussain, F., Shen, Y., Morales-Menendez, R., Abubakar, M., Junaid Yawar, S., & Arain, H. J. (2019). Signal processing and deep learning techniques for power quality events monitoring and classification. Electric Power Components and Systems, 47(14-15), 1332-1348.
[4] Liu, H., Hussain, F., Yue, S., Yildirim, O., & Yawar, S. J. (2019). Classification of multiple power quality events via compressed deep learning. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 29(6), e12010.