Engr. Sheikh Junaid Yawar

Assistant Professor

An Electrical Professional with over 10 years of engineering experience.. Having Professional as well as Teaching Experience in prestigious institutions and organizations.

Service Activity:

  • CMS Coordinator
  • VLE Coordinator
  • Documentation of SAR, CIEC
  • Member OBE Cell
  • Class advisor of ELED students
  • Member of Research Cluster
  • Academic In-charge of Campus on Cloud
  • Factotum of Fall 2017 Examination
  • Lab Advisor of Machines Lab

B.E. (Electrical ) from NED University of Engineering and Technology
M.E. (Engineering Management in Energy) from NED University of Engineering and Technology

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[2] S. J. Yawar, U. Usmani, M. Ali, M. Mahad, F. Hussain, (2021). Design and Control of Solar Quadcopter using RF and Arduino. In Proceedings of the international conference on industrial engineering and operations management. Singapore: IEOM.
[3] Liu, H., Hussain, F., Shen, Y., Morales-Menendez, R., Abubakar, M., Junaid Yawar, S., & Arain, H. J. (2019). Signal processing and deep learning techniques for power quality events monitoring and classification. Electric Power Components and Systems, 47(14-15), 1332-1348.
[4] Liu, H., Hussain, F., Yue, S., Yildirim, O., & Yawar, S. J. (2019). Classification of multiple power quality events via compressed deep learning. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 29(6), e12010.