Sundas Zehra

Engr. Sundus Zehra

Senior lecturer

I am working as a Senior Lecturer at SED, SSUET. Doing PhD in Computer Engineering specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Also working as a Proctorial Committee member and Advisor of IEEE Women In Engineering Society.

MS (Software Engineering) from SSUET.
BS (Computer Engineering) from SSUET.
PHD (Computer Engineering) in progress from SSUET.

1. Comparing Artificial Bees Colony Algorithm and Firefly Algorithm to Achieve Optimization in Route Selection Processing Time in VANETs, Published in 2021.
2. Comparative Analysis of Bio‑Inspired Algorithms for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, Published in 2020.

3. Proactive Approach for Preamble Detection in 5G-NR PRACH using Supervised
Machine Learning and Ensemble model, Submitted in 2021.