Ms. Mahrukh Khan

Dr. Mahrukh Khan

Senior Lecturer

(021) 34988000 Ext: 406

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Doctor of Philosophy
European Studies (English Literature)
University of Karachi

English Literature 2016
Hamdard University

Urdu Literature 2013
Federal Urdu University Karachi

English Literature 2009
Federal Urdu University Karachi

Awards & Honors

Dr. Mahrukh Khan is associated with the University in the English. Department as a Senior Lecturer for the past 13 years. She teaches all the courses offered by the Department. Her keen observation, creativity, and communication skills strives her best to incorporate activity-based teaching during the semesters so that her students may perform and learn better. Her area of research interest is human emotions. She has numerous publications to her credit.


Dissertation Title: Psychographic and Social Barriers of Communication in Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man: Critical Discourse Analysis.

Dissertation Title: Psychoanalysis in Recognizing the Inevitable Human Emotions.


  • Unveiling the Veiled: Overcoming Psychographic and Social Barriers to Communication in Shakespeare’s Seven Ages with Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory; Exploring Verbal and Nonverbal Challenges, Journal of European Studies, accepted and will publish in 2024.
  • Emotional Evolution: Illuminating Life’s Realities in Shakespeare’s Literary Enigma, TEHSEEL (Islamic Research Academy, Karachi), accepted and will publish in 2024.
  • Harnessing the Power of Love and Care to Transform Behavior Across all Ages, Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 6, Issue 2, 30 June 2023.
  • Emotions, Expressions, and Barriers of Communication in Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man, TEHSEEL (Islamic Research Academy, Karachi), Issue 4, 105-118, Jan- June 2019.
  • The Oedipus Complex is in the Wane, KAROONJHAR (Research Journal), Vol.9 (17), 26-32, December 2017.
  • Girls’ First Love; Their Fathers: Freudian Theory Electra Complex, Research Journal of Language, Literature and Humanities, Vol. 2(10), 1-3, October (2015).
  • The Conflict between Wish and Prohibition: The Study of Freudian Theory, Research Journal of Language, Literature and Humanities, Vol. 2(6), 1-4, June (2015).
  • Nature VS. Nurture in Mark Twin’s Novel Puddn’ head Wilson: An Overview of Community’s Environment, Research Journal of Family, Community and Consumer Sciences, Vol. 2(8), 11-13, September (2014).

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