Mr. Muhammad Faraz Khan

Assistant Professor

(021) 34988000

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Ph.D. – In Progress

Computer Science


Awards & Honors

Mr.Faraz Khan is an educationist and advocate by profession having more than seventeen years of diversified teaching experience in public/private sector universities, colleges, and schools.

Mr.Faraz Khan is also a voluntary motivational speaker and columnist who is always willing to provide guidance and counseling to their students, so our youth can improve their self-esteem, and can bring reforms in their personality, and can utilize their knowledge, skills, passion, and obsession for strengthen this beloved country in the Long Run.


I have been teaching in the Computer Science Department of SSUET since 2012 as an Assistant Professor, where my job responsibility is to give lectures, conduct seminars and supervise Final Year, perform QEC tasks as a liaison officer, and arrange seminars for guidance and counseling centers.

Aligarh Institute:
I taught at the Aligarh Institute of Technology from September 2008 to 2012, in DAE-CIT as an instructor. I taught for five years in the CIT department of the Diploma Section as an Instructor.

Iqra University:
Iqra University is a very credible HEC chartered university comes in W (highest category of HEC).
I taught at Iqra University in 2005, as an adjunct faculty member in Computer science
Department as Junior Lecturer for two semesters.

I have taught at BIZTEK in 2010, as an adjunct faculty member in the Computer science department as a Junior Lecturer for one semester.


Research Area:
Software Engineering

  1. Mr.Faraz Khan, Sami Hamid, Tariq Naseer Gilani, The Role of Data warehouse in Bio-Terrorism Surveillance and behavioral Analysis, “International Journal of Research in Science and Technology (IJRST)”, April 2016 (accepted)
  2. Mr.Faraz Khan, Tariq Naseer Gilani, Dr.Sawera Khalid, The Role of Data warehouse in Employee’s Performance Evaluation, “Indian Journal of Science and Technology (IJST)”, March 2016 (accepted)
  3. Research presented on “Quality enhancement standards in modern world – An analytical study “, 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Organized by Quality Enhancement Cell. University of Peshawar – 2016 KPK, Pakistan.
  4. Research presented on “Pros and Cons of Different SSC Board exists in Pakistan ”, 3rd Multi-Disciplinary Student Research Conference – 2017. University of Wah. Cantt Rawalpindi. Punjab Pakistan.
  5. Research presented on ”Quality and effective Teaching- An Analytical study” in 5th International Conference on Research in Education (ICORE 2016) Punjab University, Pakistan

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