Mr. Shakir Karim Buksh

Assistant Professor

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Computer Science

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Mr. Shakir Karim Buksh received MSc degree in Applied Physics with specialization in Electronics from Karachi University in 1998 and MS degree in computer science from National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan in 2005. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in computer science at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. Pakistan.
He has been rendering his services as Instructor at Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), since 2006.
Mr. Shakir’s research interest includes crowdsourcing, information systems, and embedded systems. He published two journal papers and number of conference papers besides a book chapter on the topic of crowdsourcing. To present research, Mr. Karim was awarded HEC Travel Grant twice in 2017 and 2018.
At SSUET, Mr. Shakir has served in the capacity of assistant professor in the departments of Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering before joining the department of Computer Science and Information Technology. He has served as the Head of Department Committee of Continual Quality Improvement (DCQIC). Mr. Karim has supervised number of Final Year Project in all three departments and secured ICTR&D Fund (now Ignite) for the Final Year Project (BS) in the year 2012. “


Research Area:
– Crowdsourcing
– Semantic Web
– Embedded Systems
– Information Systems

Karim, Shakir, and Zaheeruddin Asif. “Investigating the Relationship between Capability and Motivation of Crowd Worker to Get Better Performance: A Mathematical Approach.” Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2021 (2021). (1.3 IF, ISI Index, W-category Journal) Karim, Shakir, Umair Uddin Shaikh, and Zaheeruddin Asif. “Searching for Suitable Face of Quality in Crowdsourcing – A Personality Perspective.” International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology (IRICT), 2018, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia. Karim, Shakir, Umair Uddin Shaikh, and Zaheeruddin Asif. “Motivating crowdworkers by managing expectations.” International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS), 2017 International Conference on. IEEE, 2017, Langkawi, Malaysia. DOI: 10.1109/ICRIIS.2017.8002539 Shaikh, Umair Uddin; Karim, Shakir; and Asif, Zaheeruddin, “Re-Thinking Vygotsky: Applying Social Constructivism to Asynchronous Online Courses utilizing the Power of Crowdsourcing.” Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2017 Proceedings, Langkawi, Malaysia. Karim, Shakir; Shaikh, Umair Uddin; and Rajput, Quratulain, “Ontology-Based Personalized Dietary Recommendation For Travelers.” Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS), 2015 Proceedings, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA. Alvi, Bilal, Qureshi, Wasim, M., and Karim, Shakir. “Importance of information availability: its effects on business & the proposed model.” SSU Research Journal of Engineering & Technology 1.1 (2011): 17-21.


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