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My name is Mehreen Umer and I am a Lecturer in the Computer Science & Information Technology Department. I did my MBA in Human Resource Development from Karachi University Business School. I did my Bachelor of Clothing, Textile & Merchandising from R.L.A.K Home Economics, Karachi.

Lecturer in Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (2022 – Present)
Areas of Lectureship: Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, Entrepreneurship


The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Dimension in Human Resources Development and Training:
The definite motif of the research is to identify the Impact of Emotional Intelligence Dimension in Human Resources Development and Training. Previous literature findings clearly reflect that that EI is a powerful forecaster of worthy work attitudes, behavior and experience along with employment fulfillment, and workplace performance. So in relation to that this study also try to identify the impact of Emotional Intelligence Dimensions of employee learning and development. This study continues to provide a survey of the key scientific research on emotional intelligence’s significance in human resource development. The study also investigates the connection between dimensions of emotional intelligence and employee’s better productivity. The outcome of this study Employees and supervisors, as well as other interested persons who operate in a social setting, will benefit from the study’s findings. The variety of situations in which emotional intelligence is realized and how an employee’s professional performance and training and development are determined may be investigated and increased in the future. The findings of the study reveal that emotional intelligence aids employees in achieving success at work in a variety of ways, and they also emphasize the need for employers to pay greater attention to developing employees’ emotional intelligence.

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