Housing & Community Development Studio


Housing and Community Development is an integral part of each other. Both are ‘people’ oriented processes and responds to cultural, geographical and economic factors. They result in the form of housing and neighborhood community over a period of time. Policies, planning and technology are important to housing and community development and land, infrastructure, finance, skills and construction materials are important ingredients. Services such as water supply, electric and gas supply, education, health and recreational services, garbage collection, and sanitation services including drainage and sewerage are significant to maintenance and quality of schemes and neighborhoods, even in rural areas and small towns. Housing is a human right, especially land for housing. In urban areas and now increasingly in rural areas, access to infrastructure and services has become a citizen right. There is no direct reference to housing as a right in the Constitution of Pakistan although legal forum cite Article 9, 14 and 18 read with Article 38 as right to housing . Almost all articles of fundamental rights support citizenship and therefore community development, however, fundamental rights serve to strengthen individual rights more than promote collective responsibilities and rights to commons. This page advocates housing and rights to commons as a fundamental human and citizen right.