Information Technology Department Chairman Message

Welcome to the department of Information Technology. It is my pleasure that you are here to know about our department. Our department focuses on building graduates who can do better for themselves and for the society. To achieve this, we have dedicated faculty, technical and moral courses, and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories. We offer two degree programs under Computer Science department: BS in Computer Science and BS in Information Technology.

Let’s talk about some emerging needs that motivate us about selecting Information Technology field as our career. The modern society we are in has information as a key player. Information technology field emphasized on the use of computers, networks and the infrastructure to not only create, store, share and process the information but also to do it securely. In this regard, I want to mention the revolutionizing fields of Ubiquitous and pervasive computing which emphasize the need for computers to be available everywhere, anytime and diminish to become part of the environment. Computers are absorbed in our society in such a manner that sometimes we did not feel its presence for example CCTV camera and its recordings, smart fridge, smart TV etc. IT cares about this electronic data generated every day from various sources in order to get better knowledge decisions for the society. 

The objective of our department also is to produce graduates who can not only work in various areas of modern life where computing is required but also they can do research in Computing for a better tomorrow. Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) guidelines to offer courses that can help students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in various areas of information technology including Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Mobile Computing, Web Engineering, Computer Networks and Programming. The curriculum also has the provision of elective courses which are updated time to time to support offering of latest trends in the field of information technology education, application and research.

Special emphasis is given to final year projects where students can apply the earned knowledge and skills to address and solve a promising problem in the area of Information Technology. Inter-disciplinary projects are very much encouraged.

I pray to Allah Almighty that the department always flourishes by producing graduates who can serve the society in a better way.  

Dr. Syed Noman Hasany
Chairman, Information Technology / Department of Computer Science