Vision & Mission
Architecture Department



Vision of Pakistan as a Knowledge Based Society

Architecture and Environmental Design (AED) Department envisions that AED alumni (graduates and staffs) by employing their creative and critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills will build Pakistan as a Knowledge Based Society.

Mission: Institutionalize Responsive Development Approach

AED department’s Educational, Research and Outreach programs promote good local practices, and build partnerships with Civil Society and Governmental bodies as key to institutionalizing the Responsive Development Approach, which is to:

  • Respect and promote local practices, environment, and culture
  • Resolve problems of built environment and overcome development challenges using an interplay of ethics, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship
  • Demonstrate competency in designing, construction, communication and management of professional practice and programs

Bachelor of Architecture Program Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the 5 year undergraduate program in Architecture (B. Arch), the graduate will have the following competencies

  1. Become knowledgeable of the broader role of Architects and to ethically adapt practice to the emerging needs of the Construction, Creative and Development Sectors
  2. Application of critical and creative thinking to Architectural and Environmental design
  3. Have understanding of design considerations including historical, cultural, functional and environmental requirements in the context of changing market demands, advancing technology and Climate Change
  4. Have knowledge of and ability to make drawings including digital drawings, and written and verbal skills to  communicate ideas and make presentations
  5. Capacity to research, analyze and create entrepreneurial solutions
  6. Knowledge of building materials, technology and services and project management and be able to employ and coordinate the same
  7. Understanding of legal, organizational and institutional framework of professional practice and be able to manage, undertake and advocate good practices