Vision & Mission
Technology in Civil Engineering Department



Vision of Civil Engineering Technology Department

To produce the Engineering Technologist who can help in transforming the country in a technologically advanced society by ensuring high quality teaching and training. The Engineering Technologist is beneficial to the society and environment.

Mission of Civil Engineering Technology Department

The Department of Civil Engineering Technology believes to produce practical environment in connection with theoretical background knowledge for the highest-class education and research. Our mission is to provide excellence in education and industrial practices by providing strong foundation to face the future challenges. We promote high level morals, dignity and ethical practice to the profession.

University Vision

SSUET vision is to meet the demands of challenging times as envisioned by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by transforming Pakistan into a knowledge-based society through social impact projects and innovation in education, research and creativity, endeavoring to create an entrepreneurial mindset.

University Mission

To play a leading role as a University of Engineering and Technology in national socio-economic development, meeting the challenges of modern time by creating alliances and partnerships between academia and industry. To focus on innovation, research and commercialization, a sense of social and moral responsibility, and imbued with the Aligarh spirit.