Hack Town

February 22, 2017

From: 22 February 2017

To: 23 February 2017

First ever Hackathon is going to be held in February, 2017 at SSUET

The objective of the event is to combine multi-disciplinary students in a team to identify a current problem at city level and produce a feasible solution towards the welfare of the society. This can also efficiently utilize the new generation for the development of city and ultimately for the country.

This event is based on the main issues faced by the major cities of Pakistan in which students are need to deal with the real dilemma of the society and encounter them with the specific skills they have to convert our city in to a smart city.

This will enable our young minds in solving contemporary issues of our society and empower enterpreneur talent

For Further Info visit www.nesc.ssuet.edu.pk