ORIC Director Message

Director Message

ORIC at SSUET is part of the vital strategic priorities of the University. It started working in January 2016.  As an objective of ORIC, we are progressing forward with the aim of enhancing and linking SSUET research, innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities directly with the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and its broader community.

Since we are on the brink of changes to higher education, we envision that we have a long and much more challenging way to go. Tomorrow’s challenges demand state-of-the-art and unconventional means that emphasizes more on interdisciplinary approaches. Our aim is not only confined to augment the research culture and capacity building in the university, but also to help in building university–industry linkages, generating intellectual properties and innovative projects through research and commercialization and promoting inter disciplinary research environments.  I am confident that, one day we will rise to these challenges and will accomplish leading success in whatever fields we are struggling for.

Dr. Rabia Noor Enam (Director ORIC)