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Dr Asma Zaffar

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Welcome to the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. I am honored to serve as the chairperson of the Department of Mathematics.The Department of Mathematics is to provide an excellent academic and research environment to produce graduates not only in the discipline of Mathematics but in engineering, science, business, and computation, who can do better for themselves and for society. To achieve this, we have dedicated faculty.The objective of our department also is to produce graduates who can not only work in various areas of modern life where computing is required but also, can do research in Computing for a better tomorrow. To achieve this, our department offers both undergraduate (BS Mathematics) and graduate programs (MS Mathematics). Our curriculum follows the Higher Education Commission (HEC) guidelines to offer courses that can help students to acquire knowledge. Dr. Asma ZaffarChairperson & Associate Professor,Department of Mathematics
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Program Overview

About the Program

The B.S. degree in Economics and Mathematics is an interdisciplinary program that combines economics and mathematics to equip students with advanced analytical skills. This program focuses on three key objectives:

Enhance Economic and Mathematical Skills:
– Develop advanced knowledge and analytical skills in economics and mathematics.
– Proficiency in complex economic analysis and mathematical modeling.

Foster Technological Proficiency and Innovation:
– Cultivate technological proficiency and apply computer science concepts to solve economic problems.
– Develop programming and data analysis skills for innovative solutions.

Promote Social Responsibility and Ethical Decision-Making:
– Understand and consider social, environmental, and ethical dimensions in economic analysis.
– Incorporate ethical considerations in economic research and decision-making.

By achieving these PEOs, graduates will be prepared to:
– Analyze economic data
– Make predictions
– Evaluate economic policies
– Develop innovative solutions to economic challenges
– Consider the social implications of their work

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program can pursue a wide range of careers in:
– Finance
– Banking
– Academia
– Consulting
– Data analysis

– Market research
– Research Scientist
– Economic research
– Government agencies

Benefits of the Program

– Advanced skills in economic analysis, mathematical modeling, and technological proficiency.
– Strong ethical foundation and the ability to consider the social implications of their work.
– Preparation for a wide range of careers in finance, banking, consulting, data analysis, market research, economic research, government agencies, and academia.

Vision & Mission

Department of Mathematics & Sciences is to provide the platform for individuals to make leading innovations with excellent knowledge of Mathematics in different fields of modern research and academic learning with a focus on economic impact positively and social responsibility.

To provide an excellent academic and research environment to produce graduates and researchers not only in the discipline of Mathematics but in engineering, science, business, and computation, who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, research, and ability to respond to the modern era challenges of social, economic, technical and industrial environments.

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