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Dr. Muhammad Naseem

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Computer & Software Engineering is one of the emerging fields that encompass in-depth knowledge of Hardware, Software, and Networks. The structure of the curriculum helps students not only to get the knowledge about the problem domain but also provides practical solutions to get it solved. Computer and Software Engineers get good jobs in the Market in terms of Software Development, Hardware Programming, and Network Design, and also students are now becoming Entrepreneurs. Computer Engineering Courses provide in-depth knowledge of Hardware Programming, Software Development, Microprocessor Interfacing, Artificial Intelligence, and Project Management. All students are required to have a final year project that augments their studies. Department is currently accredited by PEC, CIEC, and HEC. Dr. Muhammad NaseemChairmanSoftware Engineering Department
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Program Overview

The Master of Science (MS) in Software Engineering program is offered by the Department of Software Engineering at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. The program focuses on modern software engineering principles along with the methods and techniques that support their application. The curriculum of the program puts emphasis on systematic design and development of high-quality complex software systems. It also gives an opportunity to the students to be exposed to the latest computing technologies and research work in this domain.

The demand for software systems, with greater complexity and larger quantity, is rising with the growing digitalization of equipment, automation of business processes, and increasing user expectations from computing resources. This demand has led to the need of specialists who can design software systems that satisfy user requirements while meeting quality, security and reliability expectations. Such specialists are sought after in every industry, be it banking, aviation, e-commerce, consumer electronics, healthcare or national security. The MS in Software Engineering program aims to fulfil this demand of specialists by enhancing software engineering knowledge and skills of people from different academic and professional backgrounds.

Program Educational Objectives:

The graduates of the MS Software Engineering program will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to:

– Critically apply software engineering concepts and practices to provide creative solutions of complex problems.
– Plan, design, develop and maintain software systems while ensuring their quality and reliability.
– Pursue leading roles, locally and globally, as software engineers, consultants, researchers or entrepreneurs with high level of professionalism.
– Adapt, re-learn and innovate in rapidly evolving technological environment.

Admission Eligibility:

– To become eligible for admission in Master of Science in Software Engineering Program, an applicant must have completed sixteen years of schooling or four-year post-secondary education, in computing or a relevant discipline, from HEC recognized degree awarding institute, with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0).
– Applicants may be recommended to complete deficiency courses in light of their educational background, knowledge and experience.


The students are expected to complete the program in minimum two years and maximum four years.

Degree Completion Requirements:

To become eligible for the award of MS degree, a student must have successfully completed courses and/or thesis totalling at least 30 credit hours and have earned CGPA of at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0.

Vision & Mission

To be acknowledged as a leader in education and innovation in the domain of Software Engineering and related fields with academic excellence and societal impact.

The mission of the BS Software Engineering Department is to prepare software engineers for professional careers, advanced study, leadership roles, and entrepreneurial endeavors through exposure to industrial practices, modern teaching, and experiential learning that helps them to develop problem-solving skills so they can fully and ethically participate in a diverse society with the passion of the Aligarh spirit.

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