BS Food Science and Technology

Dr. Sidra Abid Syed

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Biomedical Science/Engineering and Technology is one of the emerging fields which combines Engineering and scientific expertise with the needs in the medical industry for the growth and development of the healthcare sector.The Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, SSUET, was the pioneer to took initiative and lay the foundation of this emerging field in Pakistan in 1996, and luckily, I was a student in the same department under the supervision of the most knowledgeable and skilled faculty.The field of Biomedical Science and Engineering has gotten attention due to the high demand for health care experts, scientists, technical staff, and engineers due to pandemic COVID-19. Biomedical scientists are responsible for the diagnosis and research of diseases that may change the course of human life (like COVID-19). On the other hand, Biomedical Engineers are the experts that develop devices like Ventilators, respirators, Vital Sign Monitors, and SpO2 monitors to help Doctors.....
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Program Overview

Food Science and Technology is an exciting field that prepares students with a comprehensive knowledge of the biological, physical, and engineering sciences. Food Technologists study the physiochemical, microbiological and fermentation engineering make-up of food and are involved in its processing, preservation, packaging, and storage in safe, wholesome, and nutritious form. Curriculum of BS in Food science & Technology (SSUET) has been designed in such a way that help students for developing new food products, designing innovative processing technologies, improving food quality and nutritive value while enhancing the safety of foods and ensuring the wholesomeness of our food supply. The demand for professionals and trained personnel in the food industry as well as in research and development in government and industrial setup is immense and ever growing.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

To produce graduates having the capabilities to protect the food deterioration by applying the basic knowledge of food chemistry, food engineering and nutrition.

PEO-2: To prepare skilled graduates who can identify and analyze the emerging issues related to food industry and resolve the same using various techniques for the development of novel food products.

PEO-3: To produce graduates who will be able to implement research outcomes for the development of food industry and offer added value in improving community’s welfare and future industrial setups.

Vision & Mission

University Mission
To provide an enabling environment to all stakeholders of SSUET in the pursuit of technological and socio-economic development, for the achievement of long-term societal benefits through innovation, research, commercialization and sharing of knowledge imbued with the sense of social and moral responsibility aligned with the Aligarh spirit.

Food Science & Technology Mission
To produce competent and highly skilled graduates for food industries, teaching and research organizations with an extensive knowledge of food science and technology. The program is designed for promoting basic and applied research to support development of the food industry with an entrepreneurial insight and implementation of agricultural product technology through community service activities in providing solutions to problems and challenges in society.

Faculty Members

Dr. Bushra Jabeen Mehdi

Dr. Bushra Jabeen

Associate Professor,
Program Coordinator Food Science and Technology Program

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