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I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Electronic Engineering Department of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Studying postgraduate courses at EED will enhance your career prospects to the best. The department offers high-quality education and continued professional development. I am proud to state that I have a very dedicated and committed team that ensures that every student is special and receives the best from the department. We believe in the holistic development of students. At EED, we offer undergraduate, postgraduate (MS and Ph.D.), and professional courses at affordable costs. Our specializations are in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Communications, Image Processing, Signal Processing, and Controls, to name a few. To meet your study requirements, EED provides excellent learning facilities, good support systems, a good library with adequate books, unlimited Internet access, and study tours as and when required. The staff is committed to promoting moral and ethical values.....
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Electronic Engineering provides a broad education and training in Electronics with the combination of different courses in different semesters. The department of Electronic Engineering believes to produce a practical environment in connection with theoretical background knowledge for the highest class education and research. The Curriculum comprises 40 courses (core and elective courses). This four-year program provides knowledge about different modules like controllers, control systems, semiconductor devices, analog and digital circuits, circuit designing, automation, signals, and systems.

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To provide advanced level of study in the field of electronic engineering with high-quality knowledge which produce graduates that contribute in technological revolution and socio-economic growth with impactful research and development and enabling them for lifelong learning. To play a leadership role, inculcate moral values, ethical behavior, professionalism and entrepreneurial thoughts.

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