QEC Introduction

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) since its establishment has been successfully imparting quality education and is continuously striving for quality enhancement in all areas of activities. Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is established to develop an effective quality management system for SSUET. As continual effort for establishing a quality culture at SSUET has a formal Quality Assurance Policy.
QEC Objectives

1 Implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) framework at Institution level. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has defined Standards of performance at institutional level. These Standards are implemented in letter and spirit.

2 Implementation of QA framework at Program level. Compliance to Standards / Criteria specified by relevant accreditation bodies are ensured. Accreditation of all SSUET programs are obtained from the respective councils that are approved / established by HEC.

3 Internal and external assessment mechanisms are implemented in order to evaluate and monitor performance against parameters defined by HEC / Accreditation Councils. The findings and recommendations of the performance evaluation reports are part of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts at SSUET.

4 Implementation of policies and criteria defined by HEC (QA) such as faculty appointment criteria, admission criteria of students, plagiarism policy etc.

5 Strategic and financial plans at the university level as well as at the departmental level is developed. Policies that inculcate a quality culture at SSUET is developed.

6 Efforts to increase involvement of students, faculty and staff of the university in implementing the Quality Assurance mechanism.

Performance Evaluation

The overarching purpose of evaluation of the university performance is continuous improvement of education system and to keep the university on the path of enhancement of quality at all levels. The process provides feedback from all stakeholders including students, faculty members, graduating students, alumni, employers and general public. The feedback received from all stakeholders helps in improving the curriculum, enhancing teaching methods and helps in understanding the learning environment at large in SSUET. The performance evaluation as Survey forms, incorporating the recommended by HEC and accreditation bodies, have been developed. The table below lists the surveys and their frequency that are conducted at SSUET:
S. No Survey TitleFrequency
1Evaluation of Teacher by Students.Every Semester
2Evaluation of Course by Students.Every Semester
3Evaluation by Graduating Students.Once a year
4Evaluation by Alumni.Once a year
5Evaluation by Employers.Once a year
6Evaluation of Course by Faculty MembersAt end of every Semester
7Faculty Satisfaction SurveyOnce a year
8Research Student Progress ReviewEvery Semester
9Departments offering PhD SurveyOnce a year
10Evaluation by General PublicTwice a year
11Faculty ResumesOnce a year

QEC Website


Phone Numbers

QEC Directors Office 265
QEC Office 233

Email Addresses

Engr. Akhtar Nadyme (Director QEC)
[email protected] [email protected]

Engr. Muhammad Faizan Saleem (Deputy Director QEC)
[email protected]

Location of QEC

Room No: FG-02, Ground Floor, Block ‘F’